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Meat Is Murder

Eric's phone rings and Ari's all, "I don't know who blew who, but Wick's got a crush on Vince, he wants him to star in his vanity project." It's all very Bret Easton Ellis because these could be metaphors or not, and I'm not sure what actually happened, and I bet Vince isn't either. Because he is a drug addict. Ari's all, "Prepare to enter the poorhouse, you little bitch," because it's an indie film so...whatever. That's what you do after you make a big explosion movie, you let Lars Von Trier fuck you in the ass on a black set full of fake buildings, so you can keep your cred. Either way Ari will benefit in both the long term and the...you know what? I'm not Vince Chase's manager, agent, or publicist. I don't have to give a fuck. Just keep the constant gay stuff at its current level, because that is funny as hell. Eric breaks the news and Vince's all, "You think I'm Queens enough?" and I'm still so confused -- I don't know if he's making a joke about Wick's crush or about the Appalachian "true stuff seems fake" stuff and is that the same thing because the L Word comment at the beginning confused me, and I don't know if you're playing gay or pretending to be gay or if that means you're actually gay or the opposite of gay or not-not gay or not-not-not gay or if another actor comes on this show and plays gay as a gay not-himself character or plays himself only gay or not-gay if he is gay if that means you're gay or maybe it means you're Tom Cruise or what but if this shit goes all p--t-m----n I'm going to laugh until I die. Then they shoot more wheatgrass. Whatever. Gross.

Next week: Drama wants a job. Acting. This should be gross. Ari yells at people. Josh Weinstein is Ari's old assistant. AWESOME. Gary fucking Busey shows up to ruin everything I ever built my life on.

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