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Pennies From Hell

Chase hyper-Aussies that he still doesn't buy a Vitamin K deficiency. Foreman rather jovially says he thought Chase liked it when House was right. Chase continues to hyper-Aussie that feeding alcohol to an alcoholic isn't a survival technique. It can be for the sober person, Chase. Foreman thinks that whatever works is fine. Chase: "Yeah, right! I'm rich! I couldn't possibly understand what this kid is going through!" Chase, if you've got that much money, perhaps you want to look into some THERAPY. And a live-in stylist, while you're at it. Chase hotly concludes that Vitamin K isn't the whole story. He's also kind of upset.

House puts two x-rays of an arm on a lighted display. He tells Friedman that it's not broken, and then says that one of the bones in question can tell you exactly how old a person is. Well, that line can certainly reveal if someone was born yesterday. He comes up with "not even fifteen -- almost, though," and Friedman corrects him that he was actually fifteen the week before. House tells him that if he's going to LIE, he should think big and go with twenty-one, so that his mom won't have to help him buy vodka. If all moms were willing to help their kids buy vodka, there would be no need for fake IDs in the first place. Friedman petulantly gets out his notebook and asks if there's anything he needs to know about caring for his mother. House muses that Friedman must be worried about being put in foster care. Friedman barks that if House turns him in, he'll sue him. House: "Oh, relax. It's not even your x-ray." Heh. Friedman gapes at him, and House faux-gapes back. Hee. And he could be your new dad, Friedman! Hey, why are you running away?

Chase and Cameron are ultrasounding Friedman's mom's liver. Chase discovers cirrhosis, so he thinks he's right, but on closer examination, Cameron says, "No one wins." Is the kid from V growing in her liver? No, it's a tumor. Well, that's bad too.

Hey, that means Wilsensei actually has something to do! He tells House that the Vitamin K deficiency caused the DVT and aggravated the (presumably already-damaged) liver, but that the tumor is the real reason for the bleed. So Chase and House were both partially right, while Cameron should stick to uncomfortably wishing people happy birthday. House looks upset...

...and we cross-fade into Wilsensei giving Friedman's mom the bad news. A tinkly piano plays as Friedman puts down his notebook and tries not to lose it. I guess he only cries freely in front of House. Weird kid. We focus on Friedman's mother watching him in the background before going to commercials.

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