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Pennies From Hell

House is washing his hands and face as Cuddy barrels into what's presumably the men's room. House is kind of a perv, though, so maybe I shouldn't jump to conclusions. However, House confirms that the room is for boys, and speculates that whatever Cuddy has to say must be very important. Cuddy busts him for the tumor shrinkage. House goes to the toilet: "I wash before and after." Hee. Perhaps he's trying to bring up the national average. If my own disturbing observations in men's rooms are any indication, it could use the help. Cuddy says that House engaged in fraud, and that there's a reason they have guidelines. If she wants to sell this speech, she might try not giving it with a smile on her face while watching a man drain his snake. House pshaws that the regulations are there to protect doctors, not patients. Cuddy thinks that Bergen has the right to know what he's operating on, but House tells her to stuff it. She leaves.

Cameron enters House's office to have an entirely pointless scene about his birthday. I will recap one line, that being House's question of "Why are you here?" But only because I've been wondering that myself a lot lately. Shut up, Cameron and your beatific smile.

Surgery. Bergen tells the team to close Friedman's mother up, and then stomps out with Cameron in tow and complains that the tumor didn't walk into a bar and order a double shot of ethanol. Cameron faux-apologizes, and Bergen says that if it happens again, he'll just close the patient up. Cameron says she'll pass that on. We focus on her taking a long reaction shot, as if she wouldn't have been skipping off to House already to tell him the surgery was a success.

As Friedman's mom sleeps, Chase tells Friedman that they got the whole tumor, but that his mom's going to need some chemotherapy. He sits down and tells Friedman that his mom is a horrible alcoholic, and that he should come to terms with that. What I can't come to terms with is Chase's hair in this scene, which has become Trump-like in that I'd be more willing to believe it's a piece at this point than his actual hair. Chase, you're so cute! Get it together, here! Friedman asks if he should just give up, and if that's what Chase would do. Chase: "No, I'd do it just like you. Even though I did do it just like you once before, and you all know my mom is completely and totally dead, so look how that turned out." That last part may not be in the episode transcript. He starts to tell Friedman about the details of his mom's recovery, but is interrupted by a stereotypically hard-boiled woman's voice. She's from Child Services, and after informing Chase that Friedman is only fifteen, and allowing Friedman a few tears at his mom's bedside, she takes him away.

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