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Goodbye, Scuttling Crabs!

They paddle, and of course it's time for -- what else? -- a group prayer. Paddle, paddle, peaceful music. Paddle, paddle, victorious music. Neleh yells strokes at them, because she can COUNT! The canoe lands on shore, and Kathy cheers the accomplishment. Neleh says, "You guys, this is so neat. Seriously, what an experience," which sounds just like Neleh imitating Sean imitating Neleh.

The S3 walk down a little path through the woods and arrive at a fire surrounded by blankets and some pillows, as well as "tattooing" tools. Neleh says, "We'll all do fun stuff at each other!" They begin painting themselves -- because they're not actually tattooing themselves, which would have been pretty miserable for them, and cool for the home viewer. Neleh is very good at this; her drawings are very symmetrical and even -- far better than anything I could do, and it takes a lot for me to say that. Both arms, hands, and legs are covered, and I can't figure out how she did both sides of herself so well. I'm left-handed, and if you asked me to draw on myself using my right hand, I can't even guarantee I'd ever make contact with flesh. Neleh tells us she's drawn her original Rotu tribemates, which is total butt-kissing since they comprise the entire jury. She also put "love" on herself, because she's loved the entire experience. And also because she's a big Jennifer Love Hewitt fan.

Kathy cackles and tells us that people watching her would think she was insane. Kathy is a little obsessed with what people think of her sanity. She says something to the others about "losing [her] marbles, and Neleh snarks, "No, that was yesterday, Kathy." Kathy's body art is not nearly as sophisticated as Neleh's, and whoever would have thought I'd be calling anything of Neleh's sophisticated? Kathy explains -- and we certainly require the explanation -- that she's drawn the sixteen original Survivors dancing on her legs. She's also drawn the waterfall, and the "sun showering down upon [them] into a little lovefest."

Vecepia's drawings are even worse than Kathy's. She explains that she viewed the "tattooing" as a way to reflect on her own odyssey. Surprisingly, she has not painted scriptures and crosses all over her body. ["She did, however, draw a book that's meant to be a Bible." -- Wing Chun] Instead, she's drawn little sticks with Pac-Man ghosts on top, which she claims are meant to represent the torches of the S16, and maybe she should have prayed for some help with the drawing. Vecepia explains that each little Pac-Man ghost has a person's name on it, in addition to the number in which they were voted out. She's left the last three little ghosts un-numbered.

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