The Sole Survivor

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Goodbye, Scuttling Crabs!

So they're finished remembering their tribemates and can start remembering more important things: the million-dollar prize. Joyful music plays as the S3 attempt to look reflective, although I suspect Neleh is just asleep.

Now we're back in Central Park, and Rosie stands beside the original camera hog Richard Hatch, who looks really tall, and also like his diet no longer consists of rice and rat. Richard wants to know if it's time to "get naked," and Rosie screeches for Security as we return to the show.

The S3 are still on their hike toward self-discovery and the purely incidental million dollars. Vecepia says in a confessional that they left the ridge and hiked to "an area of purification." She explains that Marquesans do "some type of baptismal ritual" with oils, ginger, and "God knows what else." I'm sure she means that literally, because God does know. The concoction is bright yellow, and Kathy thinks it smells good, but we don't see whether she tries to eat it. Vecepia tells us that they are experiencing the "last rites" of their time in their Marquesas, so they took a moment of prayer to recall their day. Neleh leads the prayer and tells God that it's great and "strange" to have come so far. She wants to be protected, and she also wants to be grateful. Now they pour the yellow crap all over each other and smear it into their faces while Kathy shrieks. Neleh then pours a shellful of the liquid over her head, perhaps hoping it will make her blonder, and the others follow suit. Kathy tells us in a confessional how amazing it is that the game is ending with "a meek twenty-one-year-old; a very, very deep-thinking religious individual, and then a businessperson like myself." Kathy, incidentally, is a real estate agent. She doesn't wants to call them the "three chicks," because it's not the right word, but she finds it amazing that it's come down to three women. Yellow goo drips down their faces in a very unflattering way; it looks like a Sesame Street character just blew chunks on them. Kathy asks Vecepia, "Can I tell you how tribal you look?" and Vecepia does not take offense. Neleh then bedecks herself and the others with flowers. By then end, they're so completely adorned that they look like they're in Martha Stewart-designed camouflage. They're also wearing floral garlands on their heads, and I refuse to believe they wove these themselves in the allotted time. In a confessional, Vecepia tells us that after they finished up "the purification," they had to change modes from celebration and remembrance to competition. She says they knew that "the next step would be the last for somebody," and that the fun part of the game was completed. For the last time, they cheer, "Soliantu!" Rob would be pleased.

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