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Goodbye, Scuttling Crabs!

Neleh and Vecepia hold hands and pray. They're grateful for the day, and Neleh wants God to protect their loved ones and help them to be "good and strong." She also prays that Paschal will be able to come to Tribal Council tomorrow, so she can get his vote.

Yay! It's Day 39! The S2 stoke the fire and consider breakfast. Neleh points out a huge pig that is eating right near their camp, and we also see some nearby chickens. Vecepia tells us they were amazed that the pig and chickens "gravitated" so close to the "homestead," but they weren't interested in chasing them. She says, "It was good to see the pigs for the last time. It was great to see the chickens for the last time." So I guess she has something against chickens. Vecepia says they were happy to eat their "popcorn," which is really the fried-up coconut, for the last time. Then Neleh tells us she'll miss the beach and the sand and also the people, although she doesn't sound convinced of that last part.

Neleh and Vecepia have their arms around each other and walk down to the beach. They scrub at themselves and flip their luxurious hair around like they're in a shampoo commercial. Luckily, it's not the brand of shampoo that causes its users to have orgasmic responses on airplanes. Neleh tells us that the Marquesas is a beautiful place, but that she's ready to leave it all behind.

Back at camp, Neleh puts all of their used clothing in a blanket, then tells us she started up a bonfire to "burn people's clothes that they didn't want anymore." Has she never heard of Goodwill? ["Or eBay?" -- Wing Chun] Neleh zealously burns a pair of pants she claims Paschal hated. She says that burning things helps her pass the time, which may or may not make her a pyromaniac. She tells us that she's not returning to the beach tonight, because everything there is going to be all burned up. In a confessional, she says that going to Tribal Council tonight is a big deal, because the jury how has the power to decide who will win the money. While Neleh bustles about behind her, Vecepia looms in the foreground, eats coconut, and dramatically portends, "As Christ said when he was hanging on the cross, 'It is finished....It is almost done."

In a confessional, Vecepia tells us that she hopes the jury will look at her gaming as decisive, strategic, and "in some part deceiving," but with the awareness that the deceptive aspects put her in line for the ultimate success. She humbly claims, "It was a great strategy."

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