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Goodbye, Scuttling Crabs!

Now Neleh tells us that she's been thinking all day about whose votes she will receive. She can only say how she feels, and she thinks she's had great relationships with everyone. She insists that they should be able to look at her and know she's honest; she hopes that will work to her benefit.

Neleh and Vecepia cry over how pretty the ocean is. They cheer each other for making it this far, and Neleh says, "I owe it all to the Lord and my family," as well as to everyone who has helped keep her strong during her time in the Marquesas. The girls giggle with their heads together, then collect their torches and head out of camp for the last time. As they leave, a scuttling crab pops out of his hole to bid them farewell. Then another crab scuttles by, followed by an entire montage of scuttling crabs. It's a scuttling crab-lovers bonanza! But not in the Red Lobster sense.

Now it's time to hear from the jury members as Neleh and Vecepia are en route to Tribal Council. Paschal, whose had a haircut and possibly a heart transplant, says he wonders "what caused two Christian women to end up where they are." He thinks it could be fate, but knows it's also an awful lot of luck. He says you can't argue that they didn't both play well, because they're both there in the end. The piggy eats. He's there in the end, too.

Neleh says, "Goodbye stream. Goodbye coconuts." They walk; they walk.

Kathy's hair is very feathery and clean. She tells us that she woke up last night and thought she was in the jungle. She says she saw the vines and banyan trees on her wall, and when she turned the light on, they were gone. She tells us that she's "definitely detoxing," and that the situation is freaking her out. When it comes to talking about the game, she can't begin to process who she'll vote for, because all she knows is that she lost.

Neleh says, "Goodbye chickens and crabs." They walk.

Zoe thinks an "all-woman final is the best," because girls kick ass and women "rule the roost." She makes a great Jack Nicholson-as-the Joker face, then says that Neleh and Vecepia are both deserving, and insists that it's a difficult decision.

There's nothing left for Neleh to say goodbye to. They walk.

Robert tells us that he doesn't feel good seeing the "two women" that are left out there. It kind of sounds like he's saying he objects to the fact that there are two women in the final, when really he's objecting to the two women left. He hates knowing that they "got past him" and beat him. But now he's got the power, and that's a coup. Whatever gets you through the day, Robert.

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