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Goodbye, Scuttling Crabs!

A big, cartoon-faced tiki (a description which could also be used to detail the recently departed Robert) segues to racing clouds and roaring sea. Paschal thinks it's Day 37, and explains that they're all ready for the end of the game. Neleh is wearing cute little rainbow socks on her cute little feet as she cutely hopes that the sun will come out again and dry everything up. Paschal tells us that he feels good mentally, but not as good physically. He thinks he looks worse now than he has in his whole life, which he conjectures is a combination of his age and the fact that he "never did look real good." Paschal stumbles around for emphasis.

Kathy tells us that they're all sick of being out there. She says that in order to survive the monotony and boredom of the situation, they need to force themselves to stop thinking about all the bad things: the bugs, "that [they're] locked down here," the discomfort, the hunger, and the exhaustion. Kathy and Neleh now sit together and do exactly the opposite of what Kathy just told us they should be doing. They sing a song that they both appear to know, but I've never heard before. It's about "show[ing] me the way to go home" and being tired and wanting to go to bed, and also about something going straight to their heads. ["I think it's a camp song." -- Wing Chun] Neleh tells us in a confessional that she has gotten close to Kathy within the past few days, and that now she trusts her completely. She says that if not for Kathy's vote at the last Tribal Council, Neleh would have been voted off. So that's why she feels close to her? Because Kathy did what she wanted?

Now Kathy strikes a yoga pose with little rocks lined up on her thighs. She asks the Marquesan ghosts to "lift [them] out of this valley, and bring [them] into town." In the background, Neleh yells, "She's going crazy!" as Kathy continues speaking in one of those terrible, fake, Mickey Rooney-inspired Asian accents. She says, "Confucius say [sic], we are going." She stops and I'm glad, but not for long, because the screaming sets in. She and Neleh start randomly screeching, for no apparent reason, about hating the Marquesas and wanting to go home. Paschal somehow manages to sleep through this noise -- maybe because he's on the verge of death -- but Vecepia looks like she's sucking on a lime. Actually, Vecepia is sucking on a lime, but she's also annoyed. In a wary confessional, she tells us that she she's "had about enough of these people." And for once, I agree with her. Sing it, sister! She says she loves the others, but is tired of them, and complains that she's the only one of the remaining four who has to work during the next several days. Unless she wins immunity in the next challenge, she's almost certainly going to be voted off. She tells us she has to work and will work, and then shrugs it off with a gleeful little work dance, that is actually kind of cute and happens not to invoke God.

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