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Goodbye, Scuttling Crabs!

Poignant music plays as Paschal takes the stage. He hasn't prepared anything because he was just worried about being there so he could cast his vote for Neleh. He lies that he thinks they both deserve the win, and calls them the "epitome of what this great country of ours has to offer." So now we're offering up our young women? He insists that he's proud of them both, and would have loved to have them as his daughters because they're "those types of individuals." They gave him strength during the game, and have made him a better person for good. He wishes it could be a joint win because they're both deserving, incredible, and "refreshing." He wishes them luck and looks forward to having them both in his life forever. Except by "both," he means only Neleh.

It's Robert's turn now, and a drumbeat rolls because he's "the General." He's wearing a powder blue shirt he borrowed from Just Peachy. Except he couldn't have borrowed it from Just Peachy because Just Peachy's shirt wouldn't fit him. Robert says he's seeking only "direct answers," before launching into a speech to the effect that he's always believed that a person should never regret any of their own decisions or actions. He then asks Vecepia and Neleh to provide a decision or action they made during the game that they think most "adversely hurt" their current standings. Vecepia defends herself by saying that she doesn't regret anything, but Robert cuts her off to say he only wants a simple answer to the question. Vecepia quickly responds, "What I did yesterday to Kathy." Neleh then rambles on about watching Zoe and Robert be voted out before Sean and Vecepia. She says that she was part of that vote because of her alliance, to which she felt she had to be true. Robert is far more gentle in cutting Neleh off as she tries to justify her actions.

Zoe says she has a "work hard, play hard" attitude, and feels like she belongs in the final two. I'm not sure what one of those things has to do with the other, but whatever. She says she played the game with the people who wanted to play, but that she's not going to talk about lies and deceptions because, she dramatically says, "I was there, too. We all were there." Is this the Vietnam War, or Survivor? Zoe thinks that both Vecepia and Neleh have "good hearts" and made it to the spot where everyone else wanted to be. She congratulates them, and that's all she has to say, which is a bummer, because I expected something far more venomous from her.

Kathy hobbles over with two questions. She asks at what point Neleh had her most "dramatic strategic moment" -- what that decision was, when was it made, and whether it was made independently. Neleh answers that the moment happened on the twenty-fourth day. She explains that she and Paschal had a discussion after Sean approached them about switching around the game to oust the Rotu alliance. She says that up until that point, she'd been going along with the Rotus in the hopes that something would change. She realized that they had to make the change themselves, and aligned to defeat the Rotus 5-4. She insists she's been saying all along that that was when she started playing the game. I have no idea why she thinks telling the others that she didn't start competing at the game until well past the halfway point will ever convince them that she's worthy of winning.

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