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Goodbye, Scuttling Crabs!

Now Kathy turns to Vecepia regarding her admitted game plan: to wait to be approached by people for alliances and strategies. Kathy asks how Vecepia could maneuver through the game by just adjusting to the alliances, and not feel like a part of the deception. Vecepia admits that it was her strategy, but claims that if there was a "strategic move being worked" that she could "weasel" her way into, she would do so. I don't think Vecepia meant that the way it came off, but I think its completely true. She called herself a weasel. Hee. Vecepia claims that everyone was constantly changing their game plans, and then cites the motto of the game: "Outwit, outplay, outlast." She thinks that the "outwit" part is about taking the initiative to make a change. She also points out that when Kathy propositioned Vecepia to avoid being voted off in the final four, she'd planned to vote for Neleh anyway. I'm not sure what that has to do with anything, and Kathy's upset because Vecepia didn't answer her question. Still, she says, "That's okay."

John's last, and he just wants to "straight up talk." He says that Neleh and Vecepia both know how he feels about the game; he "threw out the honesty card," played it, and lost. He insists that integrity is important to him, and accuses both of them of lying. He tells them that they're not innocent or naïve, and says, "You both did it." He tells them to "take a deep breath and clear it. Everybody knows it." Basically, he only wants to know why he -- Johnny Pots and Pans -- should cast his vote for one of them. After allowing him to rant for a bit, Neleh repeats the question, and then says, "That sucks." She claims that she honestly planned to go along with their alliance, all the while hoping that things would change so that she could fare better than fifth place, but as soon as she realized that it wasn't going to happen, she decided not to play their game anymore. She wants to know if that is the answer that John is looking for, and he says it is. Vecepia thinks John should vote for her because she came in with a strategy and played the game to its fullest. John is satisfied with her answer, as well. Softy.

Peachy says that there's been a lot of talk about "worthiness," and that the S2 have been called upon to justify their own behavior after condemning the same behavior in others. Peachy says that they'll be able to address that in their final comments to the jury, and gives them a moment to think about what they'll say.

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