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Goodbye, Scuttling Crabs!

We now join the S2 on a stage that is even bigger than Jabba the Tribal Council Hutt! Thankfully, they are not required this season to wear the same clothes they had on in the Marquesas. In fact, Neleh has gotten her hair crimped and quite possibly Botox injections, while Vecepia looks dowdily the same. Peachy says that they've traveled from "literally the most remote island to, without a doubt, the greatest island in the world." Everyone cheers. Yay, New York! Peachy can't think of a better place for the vote to play out than here -- well, except in the Marquesas, where they actually played the game, but whatever. He says they'll eventually get to the vote, but it's been five months since everything went down. He explains that nothing they say tonight will alter the result, and points out that they've been watching everything on television and have just heard, for the first time, a lot of what people had to say about them. Vecepia says that she was most surprised by the way other people perceived her and Sean. She is surprised that the others confused a relationship with an alliance, and says that they had a bond based on being Christian, African-American, and from the same original tribe, as well as sharing an identifiable social relationships. She says they both know "the brothers and sisters is [sic] chillin' at the barber shop, and they're talkin' about us, and that is an honorable thing!" She restates her surprise over the way people misinterpreted their relationship, and I don't know what she's talking about, since she and Sean spent half their time on the island talking about this very issue. She's surprised that the others mistook an alliance for a bond, and I'm surprised that Sean mistook that atrocity on his head for a hat.

Neleh was amused that they all came to play the game, and says again that she didn't have to start playing until the twenty-fourth day because she and Paschal weren't perceived as threats. Except I had a little typo there in my initial notes which read that "she and Paschal weren't perceived as tarts," which is also true. Neleh continues explaining that she and Paschal were considered to be weaklings. She thinks it was strange to be put in the sweetheart role, but then also to eventually be considered competitive. She says that people couldn't put the two together, and thought it must be either one or the other: if she's really competitive, then the sweetness must be a cover-up. In short, she's upset because some people don't think she's sweet.

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