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Goodbye, Scuttling Crabs!

More feet, this time walking through the jungle. Neleh, Vecepia, and Paschal are checking the treemail, and Neleh sing-songs about it. The clue is written on the pages of a little book:

Sixteen have come
Four are left
I hope you've paid attention
Their hopes and dreams
Their place of birth
It's immunity for your retention.

That's the worst poem I've ever heard! And who's the "I" in it, anyway? For some inexplicable reason, the S4 hoot and exclaim over the "place of birth" part in the clue. Vecepia turns to Paschal and asks if they weren't just talking about this challenge. In a confessional, Paschal suspects that the immunity challenge will have to do with the "personalities" involved in the game -- where they're from, what they do, and what their dreams are. The three members of the tribe further discuss the clue, and Paschal suggests that they sit down together and compare notes. Vecepia thinks that Kathy may not know much about the others, and Paschal says, "Even though this is a big immunity, I want y'all to know as much as you can." Oh, that Paschal. He's so thoughtful and considerate. Vecepia sounds reluctant as she agrees to participate in the information exchange. As they head back to camp, Paschal is shaky on his feet again. Still, he insists on holding a branch for the ladies to walk through as he totters. Clearly they've been expecting this challenge, since it's shown up around this time every season, and we hear Neleh says she didn't know whether they'd do this particular challenge with four or three people remaining in the game. In a confessional, Paschal tells us that if Vecepia wins immunity, he'll be forced to vote for Kathy or Neleh. He explains that he suggested the tribe members compare notes in order to keep that from being "even remotely possible." Also because he thinks it's fair, but whatever. He points out that some of the current Soliantus haven't been with all of the S16, then clarifies, "As a matter of fact, I think Vecepia may be the only one that's been with everybody."

Paschal, Neleh, and Vecepia return to camp and share the little clue book with Kathy. As the tribe stands around, Paschal wonders where "Miss Patricia" was from, and Vecepia answers that it "starts with an 'L.'" In a confessional, Vecepia explains that she's not about to share notes with the others. She says this immunity is too important to her, and of course she knows where Patricia is from. She confidently repeats, "I know exactly where she's from." As we continue to see the S4 going over snippets of information about the others, Vecepia tells us that her goal going into Survivor was to develop relationships with everyone in order to learn as much as she could about all of them. Now we see that Paschal, Kathy, and Neleh know that Tammy wanted to write a book and that Sarah was from California, but they don't know John's last name. Kathy looks over at Vecepia as she points out that they're missing some of the small details. Then we see Vecepia sitting on the raft while studying her journal. In voice-over, she tells us that she wrote down a lot of people's personal information in "her little book." In a confessional, Kathy tells us that she's "pretty good at question-and-answer situation[s]," and is now just weighing what Vecepia knows. Kathy, Neleh, and Paschal discuss who they think Vecepia knows, and who she doesn't. They agree that Vecepia knew Zoe a little bit, and Kathy says, "But she wouldn't know dreams...." They also agree that Vecepia doesn't know Gabe, and think they got to know Gina as well as Vecepia did; then Kathy brags about knowing Rob from the summit. In a confessional, Vecepia tells us that Kathy may be a little worried because she put herself in an awkward position. She says that although Kathy was safe last night, she must win immunity during this challenge to avoid going home. But really, Kathy did what she had to do. Otherwise, she'd still be sitting in the same position, just with different people.

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