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Goodbye, Scuttling Crabs!

Next, Peachy wants to know the name of Sean's girlfriend. Neleh slips up and says, "Oh, my God" instead of "Oh my heck." Blasphemy! It turns out Sean's girlfriend is Ingrid; everyone knows it except Neleh, who has left the question blank. So now they're all tied up, with two points each.

Everyone knows that it's Tammy's dream job to work for The New York Times, and she seems pissed off that they got it right. Still tied, now at three points apiece.

Now Peachy asks what excuse "Boston Rob" used to explain his absence from work while he was off competing on Survivor. They all look like they're thinking really hard -- especially Neleh and Vecepia -- and aren't these questions the kind of thing that you either know or don't? It's not like a math equation when they could potentially think really hard and figure it out. Paschal, Neleh, and Vecepia all write down variations of "military leave," while Kathy has guessed "vacation in Hawaii." It turns out Rob told people back home that he joined the army, and Peachy slaps down the loser: "Kathy. He wasn't on vacation in Hawaii," like that answer was the dumbest thing he's ever heard. So now Kathy has only three points while the others have four.

Gina was the 1997 National Watermelon Seed-Spitting Champion! Everyone knows that, and Peachy proclaims Neleh, Vecepia, and Paschal as "halfway to victory."

Now Peachy passes around a necklace and wants to know who it belongs to. The S4 examine it very closely, and then reveal their answers. It's Tammy's necklace, and they're all right, so they each receive a point.

Peachy asks, "How many siblings does Sean have?" and since not a single one bothered to show at the "loved ones" challenge, I'm glad to hear the answer is "none." The tinkly music from The Goonies may or may not play in the background, and it would be so nice to be watching that movie right about now. In any case, Neleh, Vecepia, and Kathy guess correctly, while Paschal thinks Sean has one sibling. So Neleh and Vecepia break ahead with seven points each, while Kathy and Paschal trail behind with six.

Next up, Peachy reveals an "American flag belly ring," and this time when he goes to pass the object around for their inspection, the S4 enthusiastically decline the opportunity to fondle the jewelry, and Paschal looks horrified at the thought of it. They all know it belongs to John, and get one point each.

Tammy's fiancé's name is Mike, which they all know. This leaves Neleh and Vecepia tied with nine points each, while Paschal and Kathy have eight. Peachy reminds them that they're playing to ten, so the next question could decide the big winner.

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