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Goodbye, Scuttling Crabs!

Kathy cries as Peachy begins the voting, and Paschal leans in and tells her not to worry before heading off to vote. He says, "Simply an amazing woman" as he votes for Kathy. We don't see Vecepia's vote. When Kathy votes, we're actually shown a clip of Neleh and thus are made to think that maybe Kathy actually hasn't voted for Neleh. Neleh votes for Kathy because she said she would "never ever" vote against Paschal. She's afraid it's going to be a tiebreaker, but she's definitely not ready to leave. First of all, it's nice to make the vote all about herself, and also, wasn't she screaming (and singing!) about wanting to leave just earlier today?

Peachy unsurprisingly tallies: Neleh; Kathy; Kathy; Neleh. Kathy still looks surprised and I have no idea why. Peachy explains that the tiebreaker this season will not be based on previous votes or trivia. Instead, the S4 will have two minutes to discuss who should stay and who should go. If they can't make a unanimous decision during that time whether to oust Neleh or Kathy, they'll have to draw rocks. A bag contains two yellow rocks, and one purple. The yellow rocks are safe, and the purple means the bearer gets stoned by the rest of his tribe, as well as by his/her own family members, who will be flown in for the stoning ritual. Okay, so it's not that dire, but it would have been much more surprising had it been. Peachy points out that Vecepia is the only one who "won't have to reach into this bag tonight," because she has immunity, but Paschal -- who received no votes -- becomes vulnerable. Again, when two minutes are up, the game "goes to chance, which is a lousy way to leave after thirty-seven days." Kathy agrees.

Neleh immediately begins pitching herself. She played "honestly fairly" and loved all her time out there; if she leaves now, it will be with "a smile and high head." And some new pretty clothes! ["My mom noted that this is where Neleh sold out her so-called alliance; since Paschal had received no votes, and was in no danger, the honourable thing would have been for Neleh to sacrifice herself in order for Paschal not to be put in jeopardy. At home, Elisabeth and Rodger are like, 'That's bullshit.'" -- Wing Chun] Kathy says she's worked hard and has been honest despite how hard it was to "jockey around" the pact between Neleh and Paschal. She also says she's provided well for the tribe, and that the adventure will change her life at home. Be that as it may, I can't figure out how her altered home life has any bearing on whether she should stay in the game. Now it's Vecepia's turn, who doesn't want to "take anything" from Neleh because she loves her spirit, but she's going with Kathy. Neleh says, "Paschal?" as if she has any doubt who he will align himself with. Paschal tries a different tactic, and wants the others to look at the ultimate goal: to stay until the end. He says they'd be stupid to keep Kathy around because she's capable of winning any immunity challenge, "much more so than Neleh." So after about thirty seconds, Kathy declares them deadlocked and insists that it's not going to work. Neleh, also, is ready to draw rocks. Because drawing rocks is FUN! She rambles on that it seems like the fairest thing to do; then Peachy cuts her off to snark that it's not the fairest thing for Paschal, who has suddenly become vulnerable.

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