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Goodbye, Scuttling Crabs!

It's now Day 38. The editors bust out the soundtrack of women chanting peacefully, because only women remain in the game. A caption tells us that it's 3:00 AM, and we join the S3 in night-vision time, where Neleh sleeps like the angel she is. Peachy wakes them up, because they have a long day ahead of them. Neleh says, "What's the plan, dude?" and then says, "What time is it? You don't know?" Because she isn't aware that some people actually can tell time. Whether Peachy is one of them is yet to be revealed as his answer is only that it's "early; very early."

Now they're up and out of bed, and Peachy explains that it's time to prepare for their last immunity challenge. First, the S3 will work together to assemble an outrigger canoe which, he tells them, will be their last chance to work as a tribe before competing against each other in the final challenge. They will then paddle "into the South Pacific" and to another beach, where they will "celebrative a native tradition" by tattooing themselves "Marquesan-style." Next, they will pay tribute to their former tribemates, and finally will "cleanse [them]selves" in a "Marquesan purification bath." At first, I thought this series of events was the actual challenge, which would have been fun to watch. Neleh, putting together her own outrigger canoe? On second hand, any of these women putting together their own anything? Peachy tells them they will leave in one hour, and then hands over a map of their route. The S3 try to orient themselves and point out something called "Challenge Beach," which must be right next door to the Arts & Crafts Hut. Vecepia points out a mountain range to Kathy, who claims she's "blind as a bat."

Neleh is still figuring things out and asks, "The first thing we have to do is assemble a raft?" In a confessional, Vecepia tells us that the process was "quite easy." She explains that she and Kathy are good with knots and put the canoe together "like the chicks that we are." Neleh, on the other hand, is skilled at filling canteens with water, so she attended to that particular task. Vecepia tells us, "So three women working together...those heads worked pretty dang good together. I should say so!" They put the canoe in the water as Kathy voice-overs that she can't explain what it was like to leave the beach after being there so long. Since if she doesn't lose the next challenge, she'd be coming back to the beach, I think this confessional was recorded after she'd already lost, and the editors were hoping we didn't notice their slip. But I did! I did! Kathy says that knowing a good challenge lay ahead was exhilarating and fun, and also a relief.

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