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Livin' La Vida Lima

...Chez Schue, for what I pray to God is this evening's final denouement. And it is! Praise Jesus. Long story short, Emma arrives home to discover that Will's prepared a nice little candlelight dinner for her by way of apology for being such a dick about her now unfunny pamphlets, and we learn that The Maharishi has decided to bestow Mrs. Hagberg's magically transferable tenure upon McKinley's batshit insane guidance counselor. And with that, this ultimately purposeless episode finally draws to a close.

Next week, a Valentine's-themed installment that promises to be thoroughly gruesome in each and every possible way. Have fun!

Demian is still thinking about The Leprechaun's goddamned pubic hair, because this show hates him, and wants him to die. You may reach him at

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