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The Replacements

Sue's office. Will is prepared to grovel to get his job back, but Sue's happy to give it to him, based on the praise he received from all the students who dropped by her office. We flash back to those visits. Finn: "Mr. Schue's the only teacher at this school who asks you how you're doing and actually wants to hear an answer." Puck: "Mr. Schue's the only teacher at this school who ever really touched me. Besides Mr. Ryerson." Sam: "He taught me how to tie my shoelaces." Rachel: "I used to think that I was the best thing that happened to this school, but I was wrong. Mr. Schuester is." Brit-Brit: "Mr. Schue taught me the second half of the alphabet. I stopped after M and N. I felt they were too similar and got frustrated." Back in the present, Sue tells Will, "One thing I learned in my time as president, you can't force public opinion. I pardoned you. Sometimes you gotta give the inmates what they want. You throw 'em a comb and hope they stop beating each other long enough to whittle it into a shiv." Will thanks Sue and reaches out to take her hand. Sue: "Shut your gash, Nancy." Do the folks at Fox's Standards and Practices office not know about the internet? A few visits to might help them identify some of the truly vile lines the writers seem to slip into every episode. I don't mind for myself, but I dread the day my niece asks me to explain "gash" or "frumunda cheese." Anyway, Sue says that a condition of her not sending Mercedes to jail is that the Glee Club return her Le Car to mint condition: "I suggest selling yourself on Craigslist under the heading of men seeking men with butt chins." So that would be Just give me a minute to write that down.

Music room. The kids cheer Will's return. He thanks them and tells them they need to focus on the set list. Although they make clear that they prefer Will as a teacher, they try to make him see that parts of Holly's approach, like listening to the kids and singing songs written more recently than the '80s, might be good for the team. He promises to look into that right after Sectionals, and hands out some sheet music. Based on his repeated viewing of Singing in the Rain during his convalescence, he wants them to sing the song of that title. Sam asks when the song is from. Will fudges the facts by telling him that the movie opened in 1952, neglecting to mention that the song (like most of the songs in the movie) is actually much older -- in this case, it dates from 1929. Will sees the disappointed look on the faces of all of the kids. Although in Rachel's case, I'm sure it's because the song doesn't really have room for a female lead.

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