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Mr. Sandman, bring me a clue

Syd gets up and says that it's gonna take her awhile to deal with all this. Vaughn tells her that the CIA wants him to take her back immediately. Wait. Did he or did he not just say that he isn't WITH the CIA anymore? God. I'm confused already, and we haven't hit the first commercial. Vaughn gets up and goes over to her. "Hell of a way to wake up," she says, smiling wryly. "How much time do I have before I have to go?" Professor Pudwhapper looks at his watch and starts to tell her, but before he can even get out one word, Syd whacks him with a lamp and starts strangling him with the cord. "I don't know who the hell you are," she spits, "but you are not Vaughn, YOU SON OF A BITCH!"

Hee. Hee hee hee. I missed this.

"Tell me who the hell you're working for -- is it Sloane?!" she continues, slamming him up against a wall. "Tell me it's Sloane!" Just then, a Chinese agent tries to enter the room. Syd's on it, kicking a chair all Elektra-like into his face. She kicks the door closed on his head, then slams a rising Vaughn to the floor with another well-placed kick. Then she's running down a hall and out into an alley.

Two other Chinese agents trap her in the alley, guns pointed at her head. She wisely starts to lower to her knees, but the second they move in, more Syd-o-licious ass kicking ensues. It's an awesome little fight, but the second she brings them down, we hear a "thhhhwwwt" and Syd reaches up to her neck in surprise. She's been tagged with a dart. She turns; Vaughn's the shooter. She starts to feel the effect of the tranq and thinks he's about to kill her. But he just catches her as she falls and holds her close.

Aw. And I really mean that, too. No, really. REALLY.

The camera pulls up and away, and we're treated to a series of bizarre sounds including a bunch of different sirens and some foreign voices. At the same time, the visual is all bunged up and loopy, suggesting not only Syd's current drugged state but…perhaps…a flashback to the lost two years? Hmm. Ponder that among yourselves while I go visit the Ketel Keg.

We're in a hospital room. Syd wakes suddenly. An alarm is going off. Dixon races in and turns it off. Right. Because he's a DOCTOR now. Whatever. Dix informs her that she's safe and that she's home. He goes on to tell her that it was indeed Vaughn who came for her in Hong Kong, and that what he told her was the truth. You get that? THE TRUTH. Know what that means? He's really married. Now get over it and let's move on.

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