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Mr. Sandman, bring me a clue

Then we're in Lyon, France, as a train is speeding by a lovely CGI backdrop of some French countryside. We cut to inside the train, where a lithe young blonde is pulling something off the luggage rack. For a second, I thought it was Syd, but then we get a shot of the girl and she can't hold a candle to our little Spy Barbie. She's listening to some tunes on her headphones while sitting across from this Kingsley dude, who has the decoy chip or whatever hidden somewhere on his bod. Kingsley's ogling her, and she responds by showing him her CD case. Um. What? Okay. According to the boards, the CD belongs to Venus Hum. Nice taste in music, sister. I guess. I still don't understand why you showed some total stranger your CD, but, you know, whatever.

Just then, the doors at the end of the car open up and a couple of really large dudes enter, brandishing guns. They don't even hesitate in shooting up every single person in the car. Kingsley grabs his gun. He loads and shoots, running out of the car and into the next one. As he walks through the next car, he sees that everyone in this car is dead as well. Before he can make it to the exit, a couple more Big Bad Gun Guys enter at the opposite end. And just for good measure, a couple of reserve Big Bad Gun Guys enter from the car Kingsley just exited. He is, in a word, trapped. And you should read that as "trap-ed," just because that's how I thought it when I watched this scene. "The Kingsley. He doth be trap-ed." Because I enjoy turning Sunday night froth into Shakespearean frivolity.

Then a Big Bad Gun Guy, who is obviously the Main Big Bad Gun Guy, shoots Kingsley in the knee, and he falls into a seat. MBBGG bends over Kingsley, brandishing a big-ass knife, and says in a really bad Russian accent, "You know what I want. Give it to me. And I'll make your death painless." Kingsley doesn't respond, so MBBGG knifes him in the gut. And we hear the blood spill. Nice work, Foley dudes.

Kingsley groans and finally gives up that whatever they're looking for is in his left shoe. One of the Russian goons finds what looks like a digital camera memory card in Kingsley's shoe, and inserts it into a little PDA. No good. MBBGG is NOT pleased. So he stabs Kingsley again, ending his brief appearance on Alias and proudly earning him his SAG card. The Russian goons go through Kingsley's pockets and come up with a bunch of crap. MBBGG goes through it all and comes up with a subway token, which conveniently comes apart to reveal the chip he was looking for all along. When plugged into the PDA, it reveals some schematics for a plane or something. Yeah. More drugs. Immediately. And make 'em strong.

Hell-Lay. Syd's in bed, sleeping. Agent Sean's by her bedside, sleeping. Syd's having a nightmare. She wakes. Sean asks if she's okay. Syd stutters, "Oh my god. I think I know where I was." The scene slams to black, and we break into the Alias theme song. This can only mean one thing. It's time to do our little Alias dance.

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