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All change, she's having a baby

So they come into the clearing where the balloon is supposed to be, only they can't see anything. It's now pouring rain. Charlie sarcastically points out the balloon would be really large. "Why am I not surprised?" asks Sayid. Because you've been a humourless stick in the mud just because your girlfriend was shot to death? Try seeing the glass half-full once in a while, Sayid. You'll live longer. Ana says she wants to look some more, because if she's going to "back [Sayid's] play on this," they have to be sure. Sayid considers this, then says he'll divide the area into three grids. Three? Wouldn't one do the trick? "We'll search as thoroughly as you please," he says, and they spread out, which is I guess what Sayid meant when he got all overly complicated with his "three grids" nonsense.

On the beach, Jin's fishing. So's Bernard, albeit with a lot more difficulty. He's struggling with the net and muttering angrily. Jin strolls over, and speaks to him in Korean, motioning with his hands, like he's telling Bernard to spread the net out. Bernard tries telling him that the net's not for fish, that he's looking for oysters. He puts his palms together and opens them up, and mimes pulling an oyster out. "Pearl, for Rose," he says. Jin gets it, and then shakes his head, and says, in his best English, "No oyster. No oyster here." Bernard reacts to this as though the fact that oysters don't make their home off Craphole Beach has been designed by nature deliberately to piss him off.

Sawyer strolls up, and calls Jin "Daddy-o" and "Papa-san" and notes he didn't waste much time, and jokes with "Bernie" about being fresh out of cigars. "Sun's pregnant?" says Bernard, who doesn't miss a trick, and Sawyer tells him to "Keep it down there, Suzie," whatever that means, because he doesn't think "Jin Sr." knows yet. To make sure we understand that, we learn that Korean people hear English backwards. Jin is quite confused, and finally says, "This is getting increasingly abstract, but thank you! I do enjoy my job at the bowling alley!"

Now Jin's in the garden, doing his best to fix and replant it. Yeah, classic spousal abuse pattern. Sun strolls up and asks what he's doing, and he says he's fixing a mistake, and he's all apologetic, and he says, "I need you." Her eyes go wide. I hope she's thinking, "Haven't we kind of already been over this?" Then he sort of implies that he's apologizing because he can't understand anyone else, which is kind of unfortunate. She finally just interrupts the never-ending apology by blurting out that she's pregnant. He's stunned, and then overjoyed, and then picks her up off her feet. Wow. He's not freaked out even just a little bit, what with the deserted island, lack of hospitals, murderous Others, and also Ana-Lucia and Charlie? Sun says there's something she needs to tell him.

We flash back to Sun walking her dog along the street, when Dr. Kim pulls up in his car. By the sidewalk, there's a sign with what I presume is a Korean character in the universal slashed-circle prohibition symbol, but at a fleeting glance it kind of look like Seoul has banned sousaphones. Good for them! Sun's kind of surprised to see Dr. Kim, and a little freaked when he tells her to get in the car because he needs to speak to her. She just starts walking away, so he gets out of the car and chases after her, to tell her that he's done something terrible. "It's not you that can't have children." Sun's stunned. "It's him. It's your husband." And he gives this ridiculous excuse about how Jin works for Sun's father (captioning says: "You are husband, he works for your father." Well, technically, it says, "You're husband…" which is the same thing. I'm not going to get too bent out of shape about it, and pretend my writing never has spelling, punctuation, and/or grammar issues, but: Guys. Seriously. Hire a proofreader. We know Disney's got money). Anyway, supposedly, a man like Jin would burn Dr. Kim's practice to the ground if he found out he couldn't have children. I guess he figured that a man that irrational would have no problem with a doctor refusing to try to operate on his wife, though.

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