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I Said That Time May Change Me, But I Can Change Tribes

From the start, Kathy is obsessed with "finding the eyeball" in the picture, but Neleh thinks they should figure out the tapestry's design first. Peaceful, we-work-together-as-a-team music plays when the cameras follow Rotwo while frantic we-just-plain-old-suck-at-the-teamwork music plays when the cameras follow Maraanu. Kathy, between ranting about the eyeballs, blames the others and insists, "You guys just have to keep working, I, you know..." even though it doesn't look like they gave up or anything. She repeats that the tribe needs to keep looking for the eyeballs, and Neleh finally says, "There's lots of eyeballs!" Kathy, of course, knows that. Kathy may be a pain, but she's not a moron. She points out that the eyeballs aren't lining up, and then Kathy looks at the picture and realizes that her way isn't going to happen. It looks as though they have been doing the puzzle -- at Kathy's direction -- backwards, and she insists that they redo it, and then yells again, "You guys need to be working, too." She keeps yelling, "Work with that eyeball!" but for Maraanu, it's too late to work with the eyeballs...or with anything, for that matter. The Moppet weaves his team to victory, and Gina looks like it's a bittersweet loss. Peachy hands the idol to Vecepia and points out that "she's never felt that before." She raises it high in the air and appears to attempt to throttle it as Peachy tells the Maraanus he'll see them later.

Day 12 at Maraanu finds Gina poking a stick at a fruit tree and fondly remembering the time Hunter conked her on the head with a coconut. Sigh. As she finally fells a fruit, it falls directly into the camera, prompting Paschal to exclaim, "Touché!" Hee. Kathy talks to the other members of the tribe about Rotwo's "fierce determination." Neleh doesn't think that losing feels good, and then Gina tells us in a confessional that, "as usual," they're heading back to Tribal Council, and for the fourth straight time. She's used to it by now, but she still hates it, and it's even more unnerving this time, because the former Maraamu members are outnumbered in the new tribe. Sarah picks her wedgie and then diligently washes her ass in the ocean. Gina tells us she thinks Sarah knows she's next to go, and has thus given up. Then again, Gina says she's not sure, "because the kind of person [Sarah] is, she might not have a clue." Sarah tells us in a confessional that she's definitely not giving up, and that it's hard to say who's going next because the new tribe has been getting along so well. She's inclined to vote for Kathy because she's "overbearing" and "motherly," and Sarah doesn't know how long she can stand that. In a voice-over, Neleh calls Kathy a "hardworking woman" who's out there "for the kills," which is code for "bitch." She says that Kathy was barking out orders during the challenge, and that she's "kind of really uptight about everything," and then she says that Kathy's panicking over the fire during the early days caused the rest of the tribe to panic as well. Kathy tells us in a confessional that no one knows, and that she said to herself earlier today, "You might get voted off!" as if that's a completely inconceivable prospect.

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