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I Said That Time May Change Me, But I Can Change Tribes

It's now Day 10 at Maraamu, heretofore to be known as "Maraanu," in honor of their new composition. They "oh my God" as they approach the camp, and Paschal thinks it's "so beautiful." Gina tells us in a confessional that the return to camp was interesting, and that the first thing she did was show the new members the tribe the camp's fruit trees. In a clip, Gina tells Paschal, Neleh, and Kathy that they just have to pick the limes off the ground, and Kathy yells, "There are limes on the ground...hello?" Gina continues in her confessional that it was exhilarating to be joined by people who didn't want to "sit around and be lazy." I wouldn't say Kathy laughs or cackle -- it might best be described as a "guffaw." And also as "very annoying." The members of Maraanu immediately begin shaking fruit trees, and Sarah looks perplexed because who would want to shake a tree when there's someone else to do it for you? Kathy tells us in a confessional that she comes from tribe where they would get up early in the morning, "check the pig pit," and forage for shells, so Maraanu is like a four-star hotel because of the abundant fruit supply. The new tribe stands around and eats fruit, and Paschal wants to know if they have mango, too, which seems mighty ungrateful if you ask me. Neleh makes a child-like, happy face, which she does a lot, and which may show the full extent of her emotional range: puppy-dog happy, and hangdog sad. In a confessional, she tells us that it was nice to get away to Maraanu and see some new scenery. She says that the sandy beach is beautiful and that the fruit outdoes everything they had at Rotu. She tells us that she would have chosen Maraanu over "that place" for the fruit alone.

Paschal now wants to know what the other members of Maraanu do "in real life," and it would have been fun if Sarah answered, "I'm a teen who dances lewdly," but she didn't. Gina explains that until this year, she was a teacher; she recently started bartending to save money for graduate school. I thought she was a river guide? The other members of the tribe congratulate Gina on wanting to further her education, so Kathy quickly jumps in to announce that she's going back to school, too; currently a real estate agent, she plans to change careers once she's gotten a degree in environmental studies. Gina exclaims, "That's what I'm doing!" and Kathy says, "Come on!" and Gina says, "Get outta here!" and Kathy says, "No way!" and Gina says, "You gotta be kidding me!" and Kathy says, "You're pulling my leg," and Gina says, "Don't dick me around," and Kathy says, "Surely, you jest!" and Gina says, "I'm not tryin' to hear that," and Kathy says, "Who's your daddy?" And okay, not that last part -- and not all that stuff in between for that matter -- but Kathy and Gina do go back and forth for a while in disbelief over their common goal. In a confessional, a bitter-but-trying-to-hide-it Sarah tells us that Gina and Kathy had something in common from the beginning: "They're all about the environment and wanna go hiking and do all that." She says it's good that Gina found somebody right away. She doesn't mention that Gina also found Hunter right away, and that she herself played a part in heartlessly tearing them apart.

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