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I Said That Time May Change Me, But I Can Change Tribes

Sarah then attempts to woo the others with her description of Maraamu's "morning show," and her insistence that Sean is "really, really funny." She says, "We each had a spot in the morning show. I was the beauty!" I think she might have meant to say "beauty reporter" but she never finishes that sentence and moves right into saying that Gina supplied the "sports report," which seemed to me to be code for "ugly athletic girl." When Sarah tells Maraanu that Hunter was the "helicopter weather guy," Gina quickly explains that Hunter was voted out of the Maraamu tribe last night. Actually, she says, "Hunter was the one they voted off last night." Hee. Neleh says that Rotu called Hunter "Surfer Boy" and was convinced that he'd make it to the end of the game. Sarah then explains that Hunter was strong and a hard worker and "everything," but "four people decided for whatever reasons" to get rid of him; Gina looks at her sideways in disbelief, and then says Hunter was the "nicest guy in the world." The camerawork makes it look like she stalks away from the group at this point, but really she just turns to grab another piece of fruit, and not even to bean it at Sarah's head. Paschal tells us in a confessional that he thought Maraamu was lazy, but that luckily most of those members are no longer around. He says that the fruit situation at this camp has made the mix-up worthwhile. Maraanu gleefully toasts each other with fruit in an attempt to spread their pervasive and cultist "we are family now" dogma.

We see the Rotu (now to be known as "Rotwo") flag as the tribe heads back to camp. Sean says, "I still say it's better than the Projects," which doesn't seem to have anything to do with anything except for the chip on Sean's shoulder, but Tammy laughs anyway. Vecepia immediately wants to know what the day's routine consists of for the tribe, and The Moppet suggests that he show the new members their food and water supply. In a confessional, Tammy tells us that she couldn't have been happier when the tribes were switched up. She loved her original eight teammates, but she's thrilled to get some new people in the tribe. Not for long, I'll bet. John produces some popcorn for the new members to eat, and Rob is excited because "that has flava to it, huh?"

Vecepia tells us in a confessional that she felt she, Rob, and Sean received a "genuine welcome" at Rotwo, but also felt that the tribe expected the new members to jump right in because "everybody was just immediately on their jobs." Does she think the former members of Maraamu deserve some sort of break? Zoe asks if Robert will fetch some limes on his way to the waterfall, and Robert exclaims that he's been getting forty limes a day and the tribe has been eating them all. Vecepia tells us, "We noticed immediately...these people...were like ants!" She then makes some arm motions that are more like the Thriller zombies than ants, but then I've never seen ants do anything with their arms at all. If they even have arms, that is. She then imitates her own former tribemates' reaction to the Rotu work ethic, and that reaction can best be described as "slack-jawed." She tells us that she, Rob, and Sean thought they'd be "chillin'," because at Maraamu they worked in the morning and rested in the afternoon. She brags that they never even fired up their frying pan at Maraamu because "everything was slice, slurp, toss!"

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