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I Said That Time May Change Me, But I Can Change Tribes

It's now Day 11 at Maraanu, and Sarah sleeps while Gina works. Actually, we're supposed to think Gina is working, but really she's just lacing up her shoe. In any case, the point is that she's awake and Sarah is not. Gina tells us in a confessional that the tribe woke up in the morning, started their fire, filled up the water bottles, decided to go for a hike, and took off down the trail. I feel like there should be some sort of quiz later asking me to order that list. As Sarah rubs something into her bug-bitten legs, she says she feels like she has the measles.

Now the tribe is hiking along, and Kathy abruptly stops to turn and snappishly inquire whether Sarah is okay. Neleh and Paschal are behind Sarah, so either they've been desperately trying to get around her for the entire walk, or she's not exactly holding anyone up. In short: I still hate Sarah, but I hate Kathy more. Kathy tells Gina of Sarah, "She honestly strolls. She's a stroller." Paschal tell us in a confessional that Kathy decided to take the lead, and at some point they became sidetracked, and now they're lost. The tribe stands and stares. Even though they're all standing in a clump, Kathy yells very loudly that they'll "backtrack to be safe, instead of sliding down." Which sounds like a good move to me. Kathy tells us in a confessional that everyone enjoyed the hike, but then they got tired and began to wonder if they were lost. Kathy shakes her head and snits, "They weren't used to bush-wacking; I was used to it." We see Kathy propose a couple of options for getting back to camp, and then make the decision on her own. In a confessional, Gina tells us that Kathy sometimes gets on people's nerves because she's aggressive and the others are passive. Actually, I think they'd be more bothered if they were aggressive, as well, but that's beside the point. Kathy looks over her shoulder and refuses to wait for the others while Gina tells us that the others were irritated with Kathy because she insisted they go on; she thinks Kathy's pushy ways might break down the Rotu bond.

In a confessional, Kathy tells us that the hike was slow going for a while until they found a rock pool. We see Neleh spot a big crustacean, and Kathy doesn't want to believe it's actually a shrimp because she didn't find it herself. She then yells, "Woo!" and I wish she'd just stop yelling already! Paschal explains that the Maraanu found a "bubbling brook" which contained some good-sized shrimp; meanwhile, Neleh tries to catch a shrimp using her hat as a little basket. I'm not sure why the tribe doesn't just use their hands -- the shrimp don't appear to be moving that fast. The other members of the tribe join in the shrimp-catching effort, while Sarah looks on. Gina tells us in a confessional that Sarah just sat there "scratchin' her legs" and not doing anything to help with the food situation. Sarah then gets up to leave and Paschal tells her to be careful, but no one else cares much. Gina explains in a confessional that Sarah decided to leave because she was being badly eaten by the No Nos. Gina tells us, "We surely didn't care" because "she wasn't doin' anything anyway." Sarah walks about ten feet and then starts yelling back to Gina asking for directions. Gina looks up and quietly tells the others -- with some amusement -- "Sarah's lost." Sarah wants Gina to tell her where the trail is, but Gina yells that she doesn't even know where Sarah is, so she can't help. Sarah returns to the others and sulks, "Apparently, I'm not goin' anywhere. So." Now she's suddenly back at camp and sprawled out like the centerfold of the bug-bite fetish issue of Playboy. She explains that she's lost "an extreme amount of weight" and that the bugs were driving her crazy; she decided to return to camp before she cut off her legs with a machete. Kathy tells us in a confessional that Sarah prefers to sit back and not participate; she says that's "her thing." Kathy continues explaining that Neleh, Paschal, and "obviously Gina and [herself]" like to explore and get food instead of picking it off the trees. But Sarah doesn't even pick the fruit off the trees; she's a bottom feeder and eats what falls off of its own accord. Neleh, meanwhile, has caught lots of shrimp with her chic, thatched backpack. Go, go gadget backpack!

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