There’ll Be No Teardrops Tonight

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No Strings

Back in Nashville, Scarlett gives Jason wicked side eye as she returns home with him and Gunnar. She makes sure he knows he isn't REALLY welcome, maybe giving a little feral hiss in the process just to indicate she's serious.

And then we see Deacon getting into an elevator with Juliette. Let's hope he's not done talking with her, too. She's wearing sunglasses and looking tough, and he asks if her middle of the night tantrum is part of her strategy to be seen as a more mature artist. BURN. She simply wanted to remind her "family" who's boss. Deacon does not care for this side of Juliette and tells her so, even though he was the one who told her the fine distinction between thinking about doing something and just doing it. She asks if he's going to quit on her too, and he says that if she talks to him like that, she's damn right he will. He adds that the time might come when she needs good people around her, and they might just have something better to do. Like be Rayna's lead guitarist again? Well, probably not. Deacon exits the elevator and happens to see Liam and Rayna canoodling in the lobby. Their actions aren't totally incriminating, but there's a grab back of the hat, a stroke of the hair, a hand squeeze, some laughing and the general impression of some kind of intimacy. Also she might be wearing yesterday's clothes.

Outside at her tour bus, Rayna tells her crew that she'll see them in a month. So this is a bit of a long break in Nashville. Deacon approaches her and accusingly asks if she had a good night. She's like, "Um, it was okay?" He notes that she and Liam sure made up quickly, and Rayna, knowing what he's getting at, says that Liam is a friend. And then Deacon is SUCH as asshole as he smirks and goes, "I bet." God, no wonder she wanted to escape her life for a night. As he walks away, Rayna asks what he wants from her. He says, "Nothing, Rayna. Not a damn thing." Except to slut shame her, apparently. Calm down and try a little tenderness, you two! GOD.

And then we're in Nashville with Jason, who's making eggs in a hole -- Gunnar's favorite breakfast from childhood. He talks about their tough childhood, saying that he taught Gunnar guitar so he wouldn't just mope in his room. Gunnar appears and mopes that he was never a moper. Jason notes that he used to be a guitar player, and stopped because he gave his guitar to Gunnar. They couldn't share the guitar? Nice try, gunslinger. Gunnar thanks him for the eggs, and does look just like a little kid who's worried about his big brother.

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