There’ll Be No Teardrops Tonight

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No Strings

And then it's time for Teddy and Rayna to talk to the girls. He says he doesn't know where to start. Maybe he should have tried more than 30 seconds of planning? Rayna still doesn't want to rush into it, but obviously has been vetoed by the mayor-elect. The girls come home and are adorably excited to see Rayna, and Teddy feels the other half of that guilt pang from earlier in the episode.

Juliette also returns home. Emily offers to stick around and make her breakfast, but Juliette tells her to go home. Not in a mean way, either, for once.

Gunnar noodles on his guitar as Scarlett asks if Jason could try to come to Nashville and do music. Not while he's on the lam he can't, even though Gunnar claims that he's the one with real talent. Jason gave up his chance because he was raising Gunnar, which Scarlett notes was his choice. She wants Gunnar to work so hard as a musician because he loves it, not because he feels guilty. Woodsy wisdom strikes again! Don't tell anyone, but I kind of like her in this episode. It's frightening and confusing, and I'm counting on the fact that it won't last. They practice the song they're going to play for Rayna, and Jason grabs a spare guitar and plays lead, and the whole thing is lovely. We then flash to Rayna and Teddy telling the girls, in the shadow of their own happy family portrait. Maddie grabs Daphne's hand, and there are tears. It's so sad! And then Avery gets a knock on his door and is handed a check for $100,000 from South Circle publishing, which is Hailey's company. Something tells me he shouldn't have done that! Though that's true of pretty much every move Avery makes. Juliette paces in her living room and fluffs the pillows, and finally calls her mom and invites her to move in for a bit when she gets out of rehab. I'm sure that will go well, too.

The song ends, and Jason asks if he can borrow Gunnar's room so he can change and get out of their hair. Charmed by his pretty leads and the eggs-in-the-hole, Scarlett says that Jason can stay for a couple more days if Gunnar wants. And then of course we flash to the gun in Jason's bag. Did anyone really think he got rid of the gun? Even Gunnar, whose name prominently features the word "gun"?

And then as Rayna unpacks, Maddie approaches her. They hug, and Rayna says she knows this is hard. In response, Maddie says, "He's still with that woman." D'oh! She continues, "The one from the campaign. Peggy." Maddie just thought that Rayna should know. They hug again, and all the hot kisses and not banging of the past few days flash before Rayna's eyes as she wonders if you can strangle two people with a single beret.

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