There’ll Be No Teardrops Tonight

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No Strings

Back at The Bluebird, Gunnar is giving Jason a little bit of hell for being a guitar-hawing gun-toting parole-violating fugitive on the lam who should be at a halfway house in Texas. But Jason had too much bad blood with people there, and claims to have gotten rid of the gun and just want a second chance with his baby brother. Gunnar is skeptical, as he should be.

Back on tour, Deacon motions for Rayna to quit talking to Liam and have a little private chat. He wonders what was up with the missed cues. She says she's fine, but he knows when she's not fine. He wonders if the hot steamy elevator kiss has something to do all this, and apologizes. She assures him that that's not it, saying that there's a lot going on and she wants to talk to him about it, but if she even thinks about it now she'll lose it. And she very much doesn't want to lose it. He says, "When you're ready," and she walks off without them even making out or ANYTHING. But, try using some context clues, Deacon. Then Rayna gets a call of doom from Tandy, asking what the hell is up. She claims to just want to make sure that Rayna is fine. Rayna is FINE, everybody. JUST FINE. She hangs up on Tandy in haste, which seems like a good general policy.

Juliette, meanwhile, is on a high from her amazing show and the acoustic-loving loyalty of her fans. Emily reminds her that Jolene is getting out of rehab next week, and asks if Juliette has made any decisions about where she should live. Juliette has been so busy going unplugged that she forgot about MethMom, and also kind of doesn't care. She tells Emily to find her somewhere with a nice view and a doorman, at least ten miles from her. Glenn then enters, pissed about Juliette's impromptu meeting with the crew. He asks if she wants him to say he's fine with all this craziness. Juliette then grabs his head and kisses him like he's fucking Fredo, adding that she wants him to say "Yes, ma'am." Rayna maybe should start being nicer to Juliette if she doesn't want to add a horse head on her pillow to her litany of problems.

We cut back to Rayna who, sick of people worrying about her, is getting ready to head out. Liam assures her he knows how tough she actually is before stating that he doesn't really need to hear what her problems are, but might have the solution. That three-pronged solution (which is pulled out of his ass) is: drink more, dance, and get away for your life if only for a night. I think "bang your young, hot ex-producer" is implied in the third. A call from Tandy comes in, and Rayna gets just a hint of a devilish look as she says, "Sold," and takes off with Liam. Bucky gets one of his trademarked looks of concern that happen every time Rayna is within three feet of Liam.

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