There’ll Be No Teardrops Tonight

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No Strings

And then it's time for a little Deacon-on-Glenn action. Always fun! Deacon follows Glenn out of the arena and asks if there was a meeting he missed. He was, of course, deliberately left out of Glenn's little tete-a-tete with the rest of the crew, given that he's Juliette's unofficial advisor and also something of an earpiece. Glenn says that Juliette has had some very serious lapses in judgment, and he's just trying to keep her from having another. As a friend...or whatever he is...he wants Deacon to do the same. Deacon is all about people growing and making mistakes and whatever other wizened philosophical things that come with being so craggy. We then get a little backstory on Glenn and Juliette, and learn that he discovered her as a scraggly headed kid in Alabama trying out for a local TV show. She had nothing and nobody -- just Glenn. He says he helped make her and has been like a father to her, albeit kind of a weird controlling father with a bad wig and serious self-esteem issues who often hates his kid a little. Deacon says that fathers let their kids grow up. At that moment, Juliette comes screaming across the parking lot in her SUV, saying that she wants to run some song ideas by Deacon. Deacon doesn't seem particularly up for it, and Glenn reminds her that they have an early flight the next day. She in turn reminds him that it's her jet, and his job to make sure it waits. Deacon gets in the car and Juliette screams off again, yelling, "So long, sucker!" as Glenn is literally left in the dust. I know she's made him a lot of money, but he does seem to have one of the worst jobs in the world.

Speaking of thankless managing jobs, Avery meets with Marilyn and tells her about the publishing offer. She quite strongly thinks it's a bad idea, saying that by selling out for $50,000 now, Avery could lose millions later. He wonders if she's wrong about later, but she seems certain that she isn't. Just then, Marilyn's new boy toy shows up and heads into her house. Avery points out that if he doesn't hit, Marilyn has a number of others who could. But all he's got is himself, and he is a little fella after all. Small in stature, giant in toolishness!

Back at the dive bar, Liam and Rayna slow dance. He says they've done a lot of moving but don't seem to be going anywhere, which she says is the story of her life right now. They stop dancing, pour another drink, and she finally tells him her deal: Teddy asked for a divorce, she's about to ruin her kids' lives by telling them, Deacon kissed her in an elevator (THAT one gets a little bit of a reaction), and she's on tour with Juliette Barnes. They cheers to her hot mess of a life as she says she wants to feel anything but what she's feeling, preferably something good. Liam is quick with an offer to help with that, and the first phase of help seems to be more eye fucking. Just then Rayna is recognized by an older couple in the corner. If this were Teddy and Peggy they'd just go ahead and suck on each others' fingers, but Liam and Rayna are a bit more discrete and head back to the hotel.

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