There’ll Be No Teardrops Tonight

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No Strings

Back in the hotel, Rayna is all legs as she sits on the toilet seat and tries to keep Liam from entering. She claims that it's not pretty in there, but he says there's nothing he hasn't seen. I think he's thinking he might have to hold her hair or something. Little does he know! She finally lets him in, blinks at him with black mascara tears, and says she warned him that she doesn't cry pretty.

While Rayna is wallowing in hotel bathroom depression, Juliette is in the middle of a manic episode. She rattles on to Deacon about the glitter-free acoustic set they're going to have after their short break in Nashville. He likes it, about as much as he likes anything, but says that Glenn probably won't. Though Juliette claims to appreciate Glenn and says she owes him a lot, she's not going to be his know-nothing little puppet forever. Deacon thinks she should just tell him that, adding that the two of them spend too much time talking around each other. And that's rich coming from him, non? Juliette then gets the idea that Glenn's talking about her behind her back. Deacon says it's "loose conversation." You know, the kind of loose conversation that you find in a big ole' can of worms. Before we know it, Juliette is storming down the hotel hallway and pounding on doors. Deacon tries to stop her, but she screams at her crew to wake up and get out in the hallway, because it's time for some reckoning. With everyone, including Glenn, unceremoniously awoken, Juliette screams at her people that they work for her, and not Glenn. Whatever she says gets done, and if anyone goes behind her back -- and here she turns to Glenn -- they'll be right back at the county fair looking for the next teen queen. I mean, you were at the county fair too, bitch! Glenn quits -- like, quits his JOB -- and everybody else scurries into their rooms before Juliette can cane them. Deacon leans on the balcony, likely reminiscing about the good old days when all he had to worry about was his destructive, all-consuming, unrequited love for Rayna.

We then cut back to Rayna and Liam, sitting on the bathroom floor with their backs against the tub. Rayna cries as she talks about breaking her daughters' hearts with news of the divorce. She's thinking that maybe she should suck it up and just stay in it. Um, is that even an option for her anymore? Liam talks about his own parents' marriage, and how they stuck it out for a while in private misery but with public smiles. The best day of his childhood, he says, was the day his mom said she was finally leaving. Rayna wonders if he's saying that to make her feel better, and he makes the correction that it was the best day of his childhood in retrospect. Tomorrow, he tells her, is going to suck. Rayna sees a road of pain and tears and anger. And she doesn't even know about Peggy and her homewrecking beret! Liam asks why she came out with him, and she says she's sick of the drama - Teddy and Deacon and Tandy. Liam is the guy with no strings attached. Except for guitar strings, as he points out that they've made half an album and are thus practically married. She replies that they should probably finish that album. YES! And then they laugh and kind of push one another playfully and DO NOT have sex, but that's okay. I know Deacon is the long game here, and blah blah soul mates and all that, but I really do love Rayna and Liam together. They're so much less brooding and fraught, and also have mad chemistry.

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