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Elsewhere at camp, as Lex works, Shii Ann apologizes for the fact that she's not doing much because she's not feeling well. Lex reassures her that she should save her strength for a challenge, should one arise. Richard then adds that he's just not working because he doesn't feel like it. Shii Ann interviews that Hatch is "totally obnoxious." She goes on to say that he's very eager to "stand out" and "be special" in the tribe, so she does seem to have nailed him as the rather pathetic attention hound that he is. Finally, as Lex is chopping wood, he turns and tells Hatch that it would be helpful if Hatch would pitch in once they get down the road a little farther. Hatch openly smirks. Lex interviews that Hatch has spent the last couple of years lecturing about how he's the best ever to play the game. Lex, Shii Ann, and Jenna have a chat about how amusing they find Hatch's plan of "lounging" around camp in order to get on their nerves. "He is the king," Shii Ann says weakly, and Lex quite correctly says, "He was the king when he was playing with a bunch of sheep." Heh. "That was like shooting fish in a barrel," he adds. "This is a whole nother thing altogether." Aside from the use of the ungrammatical phrase "a whole nother," I think Lex has Hatch's number, for sure. Shii Ann keeps up her intrigued sycophant routine, describing Hatch as "the prototype" for all of them, so obviously, everyone wants to get rid of him. We then see a quick scene where she asks him what's up with the weird going-off-by-himself routine, and he offers some really lame explanation about how it's so they can all see that he's comfortable with their scheming or something. The fact is, he's doing it to get attention and camera time, and pressed to explain it, he's got nothing. Seriously, his explanation is completely lame. For her part, Shii Ann doesn't see how it would be fun if he were gone the first day. And there's a little of the thinking that won him the game the first time. Fortunately, I don't think anyone else in her tribe shares it. Yet. Don't do that, Shii Ann. Don't keep him around for amusement.

When we return from commercials, Amazon Rob is picking up a piece of treemail. He interviews that they were thinking the challenge wouldn't be until later, but today's as good as any day: "We'll probably just be thirstier tomorrow." Heh. I missed him. He takes the new team flag back to camp, and he's wearing a dive mask. He tells the folks that he has good news and bad news. The good news is that there's another pole to sleep on (attached to the flag). He considers the dive mask to be the bad news. Boston Rob thinks the dive mask looks like a good thing. Boston Rob invites Sue over for the reading of the clue, but she remains flat on her back -- not that the grungy water is bothering her. Boston Rob reads the treacherous poetry of the week, which includes a mention of "a show of unity" -- which makes Rob pause, look over at Sue, and say, "U-NI-TY," which again, I thought was a little funny -- and ends with a mention of going to see "the man of flame." "That must be Richard Hatch," Amazon Rob offers. Hee. Amber interviews that she thinks this is an immunity challenge, but that they're also hoping they might get fire, because they certainly are having no luck. Amazon Rob, meanwhile, is all excited about the challenge because he will get to see who else is playing. And because he's as much a groupie as he is a player, that's a big moment for him.

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