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Tina Tumbles

Now sit and be amazed. Ethan is, later on, going to ream Jenna L. for daring to say that she would not vote for a past winner. However, here, when it benefits him, Ethan is perfectly happy to tell her that naturally, no one is going to vote for a former winner, which is his argument for why she should take a winner to the final two. He knows damn well that what she's saying about not wanting to hand the money to someone else is perfectly natural and understandable, and he knows that there will be a perfectly natural tendency not to want to reward winners again. He's not really surprised or put off by that when he hears it; he's just trying to manipulate her and make her feel like shit.

Anyway, Ethan patronizingly tells Jenna L., "You gotta be silly not to bring a winner to the final two." Wait, you expect her to think final two? Now? Are you out of your mind? He is so full of crap. She tells him plainly -- since he's pushing the issue and arguing that she should keep him because he's a winner -- that she actually sort of wants to boot him because he's a winner. And Ethan, my dear, there is no freaking way to argue that one of those things is any more rational or fair than the other. If you can be kept because you're a winner, you can be tossed because you're a winner. You're busted, asshole. "You honestly think that?" he says, trying to seem hurt. She says she does. Heh, good for her. I loved that. He is such a dick, and she sees right through it. If you don't read the forums (or any forums, or the internet, or TV Guide), you might not know that they once dated, and that scene smacked to me of her having been through his bullshit quite a number of times before, and being quite through with it, thank you very much. I think Ethan is deeply untrustworthy.

Jenna L. says in an interview that none of the former bootees want to give the money to a winner, whether any of them wants to admit it or not. "Sorry, guys," she says, addressing the imaginary winners, "get the hell off our playing field. It's our game now." Yep. Seems about right.

Later, Tina tries to get Ethan -- who is wearing an assy black hat with his yellow t-shirt, like, nice look, moron -- to vote against Jenna. She crybabies in an interview that she and Ethan have to stick together because they're such big targets. Boo hoo. "What to do, what to do," she says on the beach, and I cannot improve on Eagle-Eyed Forum Poster DuchessKitty's description of the way her face is so gaunt and nasty-looking that she looks like a character from The Dark Crystal. Hee. ["She does. And has she had ear-enlargement surgery since she was on the show? Because damn." -- Wing Chun] She says she hopes she and Ethan can pull in Rupert and "kind of surprise everybody" at tribal council.

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