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Jeff moves on to a discussion of "liabilities." Rudy has acknowledged being the old guy; now Jeff wants to know whether Ethan thinks that he has liabilities. Ethan mentions having won before. Jeff asks if this is because people respect that this means you're a good player, and Ethan says it's partly that, and it's partly what he refers to as "payback." He, of course, is completely missing the point. It's not payback, Ethan. It's not vengeful; it's quite logical.

Let me provide this analogy. You randomly come into possession of a million dollars, but you cannot keep it. You have to give it away. You are given a group of fifteen people, and you are told that you have to choose one of them to give it to. No other choices are possible. All of the people have some qualities you like and some qualities you don't like; all could make a case for what they'd do with a million bucks if they had it. You are also told, by the way, that this experiment has already been run twice, and two of them have already been given a million dollars. Would you give it to either of those people? Because I think I wouldn't. I in Survivor isn't really won; it's given. You only get it if other people don't vote you out. They have to, in essence, hand it to you. If they, as a group, deny it to you, you can't get it. So if I were in Jenna L.'s situation, and I had the chance to give it to one of seventeen other people if I didn't win it myself, you bet your ass I would skip giving it to the same people who got it last time. Especially if they were smug assholes.

Jeff asks Jenna if she can think of a scenario in which there could be an ex-winner and a non-winner where she would vote for a winner. She says no. Now, of course, she's choosing from a very specific pool of former winners and a very specific pool of non-winners. In part, I would tend to agree with her because there's no freaking way I would give it to any of these winners. It's not clear that I would agree with her if Sandra were there, because I might at least consider Sandra in place of one of the winners. But that's not one of Jenna's options. What, she should pretend she'd ever give it to Ethan? Tina? Hatch? Morasca? Please. None of those four people would get money from me, ever, based on what I know of them. When Jenna says she wouldn't vote for a winner against a non-winner, Ethan and Tina both smile and nod condescendingly, because that's just so absurd to them and their million-dollar toy checks. Silly girl. Jenna explains that she thinks it's pretty easy when you've already won a million dollars to come back and say you're in it for the joy of competing. True, that.

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