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Out in the water, Jerri and her down-to-there blue zipsuit say to Rupert that the tribe needs something "to give [them] some hope." She says she's getting a little worried, and Rupert agrees that he's "worried as hell." Jerri interviews that they're all just starting to realize that nobody's going to save them -- they all have to save themselves. Dude. That is deep. It's like one of the many addiction/recovery episodes of 90210, but with less styling gel.

Richard and Rudy sit next to each other on the beach as Rupert tries to regroup. As a drop of sweat drips from Rupert's forehead, Rudy has something to say: "You know, I think me and you oughtta think about an alliance." Rupert looks over at him. "You're a man of your word, too, from what I know of you," Rupert tells Rudy. "Yeah," Rudy says. "I am, too," Rupert says. Rudy nods. Look out, Toastmasters, here come Rudy and Rupert! Rupert interviews about this exchange, saying that they're both men of their words, and that they can take each other to the end, provided that an alliance of two turns out to be big enough, I guess. He also grinningly credits Rudy for "looking right through" his "tie-dyed and hippie" image to the person he really is. Because it's all about Rupert's Voyage of Self-Discovery, of course. Rudy tells Rupert that in case he's not aware, Tina and Ethan are "good buddies," and Jerri and Jenna are "good buddies," so the two of them are hosed unless they take steps to protect themselves. Rudy interviews, in a somewhat less moist fashion, that he and Rupert gave their eternal loyalty to each other, so it's all cool now. They walk on the beach, and Rupert interviews that he was impressed with the fact that Rudy keeps his word. They're in loooove. That's how I feel whenever anyone sees through my tie-dyed, hippie exterior, too.

Night falls. There is the moon. There is sunrise at Chapera. Boston Rob complains that he's "dyin'," because he didn't sleep the night before. He says that constantly rolling over and getting bitten was too much for him (stop sleeping next to Amber -- rimshot!), and that he's not doing it for another night. He interviews that last night was worse than any night he ever spent in Marquesas. He also says that, had he been in charge of shelter-building, he'd have done it quite differently. "I'm in construction; I know what I'm doin'," he says. Alicia, however, argues to the group and in her interview that she doesn't even want to touch the shelter to change it until they've got the fire thing (and thus the water thing) knocked. Boston Rob says that he's perfectly willing to work on the fire, but that he also feels that the shelter needs significant work. Amber agrees with Rob (duh) that the shelter is miserable, but Alicia interviews that all six of them are without water, while only Rob and Amber can't sleep, so she thinks the math on which is more pressing is fairly easy to do. Rob tells Alicia that they have already given a lot of effort to the fire, and she spits that he's been giving up, which he insists isn't the case. "We're physically exhausted," he says as she walks away from him. Because she has nothing to say, Alicia escapes the conversation by claiming the high road and accusing Rob of yelling, which he's...really not doing. He tells her that he's just not going to go through another night without sleep.

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