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Tomorrow People

Which, something about the term "mixed-race" always makes my left eyelid twitch a little bit -- Like, can you believe that used to be this huge thing? Can you believe there were entire centuries of people that existed before Sidney Poitier was even alive? -- but he only clipped that mailbox coming into the driveway of somewhere amazing and sweet, so... Fine. And you can actually see Veronica make the exact same call: Is it worth explaining why that is offensive, and then not offensive, and then offensive again, but then you end up at okay? No. No it's not worth it, and no he wouldn't get it anyway: Tomorrow People it is.

Mandy's not entirely happy with the surprise of Ian taking off another afternoon to be with Kash, considering he did the same thing yesterday, and Ian tries to explain: "I mean, I always knew he had a wife, and a life, and everything, but seeing it? And smelling it? I mean his life actually has an odor." There are boys around the corner but I don't think that's entirely why Mandy kisses him at that moment. "Just felt like kissing my boyfriend," she grins, and takes off. "Have fun fucking Kash!" Mandy Milkovich, you make my heart sing.

V hangs outside the bathroom and gives a long, sweet speech about how she always let Marty tag along with her because she was the big little sister and wanted to make sure he was okay, and that by the same token it wouldn't be a real wedding without her little big brother there, so can he give her away at the wedding? He finally comes out, and it's super sweet and a little sad because he's suspicious... And then very sad, because he had every reason to be, and Fiona jams a hypo in his thigh and then he's down for the count, spitting swears all the way. They handcuff his hands around the toilet, which for some reason made me feel claustrophobic, and they're off.

Lip shows up at Sheila's to pick up Karen, who A) Looks amazing and B) Isn't pulling any of that Lolita shit this week, and of course Frank tries to be all, "My boy, my oldest boy," and of course Lip isn't interested. Frank's wearing a fabulously floral vest that matches Sheila's dress -- very like 1985 neon cabbage-roses kind of a thing -- and Sheila is looking almost so uncool she's cool, and they watch her walk to the door -- Eddie talking shit as she goes -- and she says, "I've got my purse, and my gift, and my gloves, and my selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor, and my monoamine oxidase inhibitor. I have my anti-anxiety disco biscuits. And I am ready to go. I am really ready."

She is not, of course, and it's brutally sad -- although props for "disco biscuit" because it reminds me of my third-favorite song from 2010 and also is not a term I'd heard much before that -- and finally Karen breaks the silence by offering to bring her back a slice of cake. She thanks her daughter, desperately, and wanders slowly back up the stairs to be ashamed of herself in private. Kills me every time.

As Marty's waking up, chained to the toilet -- and, laughing hysterically, throwing his feet back over his head to shove the toilet away from the wall in a way that looks absurdly uncomfortable -- they do the wedding. At the Alibi, of course. Afterward, Frank gives a speech that manages to be mostly about his balls, and then finally Mama produces the mysterious envelope... Which contains like a US Bond or something for $500. Of course, they're too happy now to do much more than laugh and kiss, and kiss, and kiss.

Later, they're still wondering where the cake is, and V can tell Fiona's stressing about Steve's whole thing: "That's the trouble with the exciting ones. The unpredictability is what makes them so exciting but it's also what makes them so damned unpredictable." She points out Tony, who's at least there, but I don't think Fiona has to wait too long before Steve shows up after all.

And back home, Sheila's watching Princess Di's wedding, probably not for the first time, and it's just as real as the wedding she was planning to see today. "She was a real princess," Sheila sighs, and looks over at Eddie. "Yeah, well, she's dead now. How's that for happily ever after?" And almost as though it had never occurred to her before, but irksome especially now that she'd convinced herself Frank was dying, she looks over at her husband with the sternest look on her face: "Asshole."

But at the party: People dancing, fighting about the Bible, Mama wishing "little Marty" were there to see the wedding, everybody taking family photos, some of that white-people dancing they do on this show but not much of it, Mama Fisher being pretty awesome, Debbie talking to one of the legs-behind-the-ears girls about maybe not giving away the milk for free... And Lip and Karen are in the bathroom fucking like teenagers, and who's that sitting in the stall next to them, gibbering to himself, wrapping himself like a mummy in toilet paper, smiling madly as he lights the first match? Oh yeah.

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