To Thine Own Self Be True

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To Thine Own Self Be True

Nikki walks into the smoothie shop and finds Goofy hard at work gathering up empty cups. Before they can start talking, Amber walks over and says, "I'm sorry. We don't allow pets." Is that even funny? Or bitchy? It's just dumb. Nikki's comeback should just be something along the lines of, "That doesn't even make sense." Instead, Nikki says that she thinks they have enough dogs working there. Amber looks burned. Goofy tells them to cut it out as Nikki and Amber exchange death glares. Amber asks Goofy to help her in the backroom, and oblivious Goofy agrees to help as Amber smirks at Nikki, victorious. Goofy tells Nikki it's a bad time, and Nikki asks if he just happened to forget to tell her about his co-worker. Goofy tells Nikki to come back when his shift ends. Nikki sadly walks away as Amber possessively puts a hand on Goofy's back and leads him away. So not only is Nikki really dumb, but so is Goofy? Or he hates Nikki.

Nikki spots Jay opening up the surf shop, which is conveniently located within spying distance of the smoothie shop. She darts over and begs Jay to hire her, but insists that the work must be in the front of the shop. Jay is worried about work laws, but Nikki begs and begs, and he relents, allowing her to clean the front windows. Nikki uses the opportunity to stare like a stalker at Goofy and Amber, who are giggling together in the smoothie shop.

That night, Derrick walks sadly into the room, and Ava asks what's wrong. Derrick explains that Martha won't be coming over anymore because her mother won't let her. Derrick's feelings are hurt, and Ava can't explain what happened.

The adults discuss the situation over alcoholic beverages, as they usually do. Because alcohol helps you make smart decisions! Ava wants to talk to Martha and CCK's mom and try to patch things up. Johnny reminds Ava how embarrassing it is when your mom makes calls on your behalf. Susannah thinks that Ava just wants to take lessons from "Super Mom." Is she a super mom because she raised a kid obsessed with suicide and naked ladies? The others make fun of reduced television viewing and low-sugar snacks for kids. Ava doesn't think those things are so bad. Derrick walks out and Ava invites him to join them. Yeah, have a margarita! It'll make all your troubles seem small and insignificant! That's how we deal with our problems! The adults see how affected Derrick is by the situation, and Susannah agrees to accompany Ava to visit Martha's mom. But not until they have a few drinks first, because that always impresses Super Moms.

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