To Thine Own Self Be True

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To Thine Own Self Be True

Sarah and Bradin hang out in the cave at Spanish Cove. Sarah (presumably) has brought along a million candles, and one of those picnic baskets that they sell at Williams Sonoma that you get as a wedding gift but never actually use, unless you are Sarah, apparently. And they are eating strawberries dipped in chocolate, the international food of impending sex. I'm surprised that they don't mention how they just put chocolate bars in a bowl and they melted all on their own because it's so hot out. And wouldn't the million candles just add to the heat? Anyway, Sarah compares her parents, who never come home, to Bradin's parents, who are dead. Way to liven up the room, Sarah. Bradin says that his father would think God has something planned for them that they can't see yet. Sarah wishes she had faith. Sarah sets the food aside and pulls out a tape player, and then invites Bradin to dance with her. I think there's an actual rug on the ground. Did Sarah bring a U-Haul to carry all this equipment? Sarah weaves a tale about how they are in Rio de Janeiro and it's the end of the world. Then they start kissing and once again do that awkward maneuver of falling to the ground without breaking their kiss. After a few fairly chaste kisses, we fade out. Boring!

Susannah and Ava visit Super Mom, who is Mulva from Seinfeld. Mulva pours them some coffee to sober them up and explains that she should have called them, but that she was too upset. Mulva is wearing a sweater set and pearls, despite the heat. She explains that she doesn't want to judge, because she's trying to be less judgmental, but she just doesn't "feel comfortable with [her kids] spending time in that environment." Ava defensively asks what Mulva means by that, and Mulva says that she doesn't think there's enough adult supervision at Ava's house, and half the time Ava just leaves the kids with her roommates. Aren't her roommates adults? Mulva adds that the roommates served the kids banana splits for lunch. Ava says that her roommates are her family, and that she trusts them with the kids. Ava thinks this is all a big misunderstanding. Mulva busts out the Polaroid CCK stole from Johnny's closet and hands it to Ava, who is stunned. Susannah checks it out and tells Ava that she looks good, causing Mulva to roll her eyes and purse her lips.

Back at the house, Ava berates Johnny for keeping the Polaroid, since he promised to throw them out. Johnny asks if Ava threw the photos of him away, and Ava says that she did it easily. Johnny is offended, and Ava says it was the night he married Beth. Johnny was married? Interesting. Ava brings up the banana-splits-for-lunch issue, and Johnny tries to defend his nutritional choice. Johnny insists that Mulva is "a crabapple," and that Ava's never been one to change herself for "the crabapples of the world." Ava insists that Mulva is just trying to keep her children safe. Johnny has no response, and Ava storms out.

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