To Thine Own Self Be True

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To Thine Own Self Be True

Callie and Bradin have coffee and discuss how they know some of the same people from elementary school and high school. A waitress walks by and gives Bradin a note. He reads it and says that a friend needs to talk to him, and promises to be right back. Rude! Callie should dump him now. She could do better. Bradin rushes out, and Sarah grabs him and pulls him aside. She apologizes for the way she treated him, and explains that she pushes people away because she's scared. She asks Bradin to go to the cave, and offers to be exclusive with him. Bradin says that he's with a friend, and Sarah tells him to come by later. So she's just going to hang out in the cave all day and night waiting? That's not a sign of craziness or anything. I totally see this becoming a Mad Love situation. Bradin returns and asks Callie to get ice cream, even though they're not even half done with their pizza, and they were originally supposed to meet for coffee.

Goofy walks into the surf shop and asks Erica if Nikki is around. Erica says she left a while ago, and promises that it's the truth. Goofy rides away and totally misses Nikki and Amber walking out of the ice cream shop. Amber posits that guys want girls to fight with each other, so that they don't compare notes. I think she is attributing a level of analysis to Goofy that he just doesn't have. Nikki says that Goofy would die if he knew the things they could share. Amber offers up Goofy's stupid smile. Nikki says that Goofy is spineless, and she yells, "All hail [Goofy], king of the jellyfish!" Of course, Goofy overhears this part, but he doesn't hear when Nikki adds that he is "the most wonderful jellyfish in the entire ocean." Nikki turns to throw something out and sees Goofy watching them. She smiles, but he looks hurt and rides away.

Derrick tells Johnny, Jay, and Susannah the story of how his parents met. Apparently, they met at a homecoming dance in junior high, and his dad immediately knew that his mom was the one. Ava overhears the end of the story. Derrick adds this piece of brilliance: "'One and only' means one. And only." Get that kid enrolled in the gifted and talented program! Derrick worries that Martha is his one and only, and that he won't get another chance to hang out with her. Jay says that if she is, they can't be kept apart. Johnny adds that she can't find anyone else if they are meant to be, and then stares meaningfully at Ava. All of the adults comfort Derrick while Ava watches, and realizes that they are good parents.

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