To Thine Own Self Be True

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To Thine Own Self Be True

Ava goes over to Mulva's house and confesses that she lied about Martha's being at their house when Mulva called earlier. Ava explains that the kids have lost everything, and that she's just trying to do the right thing for them. She adds that Mulva witnessed a scene of chaos, but that there's also a lot of love in their house. Mulva isn't buying it. Ava thinks that Mulva should ask CCK where he got the picture. Mulva practically slams the door in Ava's face. Mulva's doing a great job on that whole "not judging" thing.

That night, Callie and Bradin sit on a blanket at the beach. Callie says she can't believe she's with Bradin, because she dreamed about this happening. Then she expresses astonishment that she just said that aloud. I like Callie because she's kind of dorky. Bradin kisses her, but then pulls away. Callie realizes that he's not in the moment, and asks where Bradin is. Bradin whispers, "Rio de Janeiro." Oh, for God's sack. Bradin tells Callie he has to go, and promises that it's nothing she did, and that she's amazing. Callie is going to go home, listen to songs on the radio, and think about how they totally describe her relationship with Bradin for the next two years or so. Bradin walks over to the cave and finds Sarah waiting for him with the candles and everything.

The next morning, Derrick walks into the kitchen and asks for baked apples. Isn't it a little hot out for baking? Ava remembers how their grandmother used to say, "No matter what troubles come in the window, the smell of apples baking in the oven will always chase them out the door." Ava, Bradin, Nikki, and Derrick all recite the words together, and as family slogans go, that's a lame one. While they are reciting, Mulva and Martha walk up to the open doorway. Mulva tells Martha that she can go play with Derrick. The kids run off. Mulva walks in and apologizes for CCK's actions. She asks for Ava's guarantee that there are no other forbidden items in the house. Ava says that they'll do their best, and invites Mulva in for breakfast. Mulva declines, since her husband is at home waiting for his breakfast. Dude can't make his own toast and cereal?

That night, Ava kneels down by the fire pit and prepares to toss the Polaroid in. Johnny walks up and says that he liked the day that they took those pictures a lot. Well, of course you did! Ava was naked. Johnny can't leave it alone, and says that if he had to live one day repeatedly, that would be the one. We get it! Johnny says that they could put the picture in his safe deposit box. Ava smiles and hands the picture over. They hear Derrick and Martha playing videogames, and Johnny says, "And the story begins, all over again." What does that even mean? Then they totally act like they are going to make out, but they don't. I think Johnny has white jeans on, so I wouldn't kiss him either. Johnny leaves, and Ava stands and stares into the sky.

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