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Ghost Bad

Chloe is in a more sealed-off medical area now. Clark watches her through a small window in the door. These medical patients don't care that anyone can just walk by and watch them in their thin little hospital gowns? We get the reverse angle of Clark from inside the room. Lex walks up behind Clark. Man, how many episodes has it been since these two guys saw each other? Ooh, post-breakup. "Lex, what are you doing here?" Clark asks. Lex plays the jealousy card, starting off by saying that Lana came to see him. Clark thanks Lex for coming by, but says that they have things under control. Wow, that's a complete lie, because they really, really don't. Lex besmirches the good name of the medical center and says that if Chloe sprained something, maybe they could handle it, but that complete and utter bugfuckery requires a more delicate touch. Lex says that Chloe will get the best care available. "You're going to transfer her?" Clark says angrily, stepping forward. Lex steps past Clark to look through the window. He says that a helicopter is en route to take Chloe to Belle Reve. Clark, alarmed, says that Chloe doesn't belong there. "Lana thinks so," Lex tells him. Lex turns and says, rationally, that it must be hard for Clark to see the person he trusts most in the world like this. Lex puts a hand on Clark's shoulder and reassures him with the old warm-eyes. It's the Gayest Look of the Episode. Lex promises that they'll take good care of Chloe. Thunderous music, then actual thunder plays as Clark watches Chloe. It's a bit much.

The thunder must have been the sound of Clark's stupidity. He's laying Chloe down in a bed at The Talon. Lois asks Clark what he's doing. Couldn't he at least have put clothes on Chloe first? Clark explains to Lois that Lex was going to transfer Chloe to Belle Reve. Lois suggests that that may be what Chloe needs. Clark snaps that Lois doesn't know what goes on there, and asks if they really want doctors poking around inside Chloe's head. "If it makes her feel better, I don't care if Daffy Duck whacks her with a mallet!" Lois says. Just when I thought Lois couldn't get any dumber... Chloe groggily sits up in bed: "Hey, guys. I'm drugged. Not deaf." Chloe says she's thirsty. Clark offers to get water, but she really wants a cappuccino to "clear the cobwebs." Lois goes to make a double. Before she does, she tells Clark not to do anything ridiculous while she's gone.

Clark smirks at Lois, and tells Chloe that they're all worried about her. Chloe rolls her eyes and says she knows what she saw. She says, very deliberately, that she didn't imagine things, and that she didn't hurt herself; she says she wouldn't do that. "I'm not my mother," Chloe says, very seriously. Clark takes her hand and says he knows. Just then, the whooshing sound returns, and Raccoon Girl is asking for help again. I think she should think about a Free and Clear calling plan. Chloe asks if Clark heard that. "Heard what?" Clark asks. He can't hear, even with the superhearing? Use your cochlear ocular whatsit, Clark! Raccoon Girl appears next to Clark, and the way it's filmed uses that stuttery black-and-white grain like in The Ring. Guess what Raccoon Girl wants. Help. I can identify. Chloe is startled. Clark just looks at Chloe sadly. You poor, crazy bastard.

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