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Ghost Bad

Kent Farm at night. In Clark's seldom-seen bedroom (the one that's actually inside the house), Clark is telling Chloe that maybe she didn't imagine things, and that it's an actual spirit trying to contact her. Chloe, still possessed, is fidgeting with her lip. Raccoon Chloe says that when the lightning hit the Talon, it must have "jump-started her body." But not this episode. Clark bitterly mentions the Kryptonite bracelet. "Yeah, the Krypto thing," Raccoon Chloe says, all shifty eyes. She commiserates with herself, kvetching about that poor girl, trapped in the wall. Clark says he hopes she didn't suffer. "Oh, I think she did," Raccoon Chloe says defensively. "A lot." She sips what looks like grape juice and really, really enjoys it. Clark eyes her suspiciously and says that she should get rest. Raccoon Chloe doesn't want rest; she wants to find "him." Clark asks whom she means. Raccoon Chloe: "The man who did this. He needs to suffer like she did." Yeah, Clark doesn't exactly have Spidey Sense. You're really going to have to spell it out for him. More mouth fidgeting. Clark sighs and suggests that she go to sleep, saying they'll talk about this in the morning. Raccoon Chloe waits for Clark to leave, and then goes through Chloe's stuff to find her ID cards.

At the Kent home, Lois is telling Clark that the girl's name was Gretchen and that the police haven't produced any leads: "The new sheriff's a little green. Literally." Huh? I really think they're intentionally writing awful dialogue for her. Clark suggests that they go tell Chloe what Lois just learned -- that other girls were found. Clark goes into his bedroom and finds Raccoon Chloe gone. "Where'd she go?" Lois asks.

She went to the next scene, at the Metropolis University dorm. Lana, fully clothed, is lying in bed. Raccoon Chloe is going through Chloe's chest of drawers. She's being pretty loud for someone trying not to wake Lana. Lana stirs just as Raccoon Chloe finds a stun gun with a wicked electrical beam. Lana calls Chloe's name. "Hey roomie," Raccoon Chloe says flatly. Raccoon Chloe says she was just out doing some stuff. She asks if she can borrow the stun gun. "That's yours," Lana informs her. Raccoon Chloe chuckles and says she has some pretty cool stuff. Chloe tries to take off. She makes it just outside the door before she runs right into Lex. "Where do you think you're going?" Lex asks. Raccoon Chloe wonders why everyone's asking her that. Chloe tries to get away, but Lex tells her that she needs help. Raccoon Chloe tells Lex to get out of the way. He refuses. She stuns him through his clothes. Lex grunts and falls over. Lana tries to help him as Raccoon Chloe gives them the slip. Clark rounds the corner, and I can't figure out how he just missed seeing Raccoon Chloe. He must have his powers set to Mute. He sees Lana and Lex on the floor and gets the jealous eye. "What happened?" he asks, stiffly. Lex asks Clark how Chloe got out of her hospital restraints. Clark ignores the question and asks where Chloe went. Lana says that Chloe was acting like a different person. Lex, a little pissy, says that Chloe is out there with a weapon when she should be getting help. "Nice work," he tells Clark. I think Lex is falling in line with the Big, Dumb Alien camp.

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