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Community Idol

Both tribes arrive. The Heroes don't seem too shocked to see that Randy was voted out last night. Probst explains the challenge, which is apparently not recycled from any previous seasons. Um, excuse me? If you're going to recycle challenges from past seasons in the name of this being the 20th season of the show and thus a sort of retrospective, then either all of the challenges should be recycled or none of them should be. Maybe I'm just mad because I really, really want one of the shitty challenges from the first season to make a triumphant return. Like the one where they all had to listen to Probst tell a stupid story and then run around the jungle with a videocamera. Anyway, for this challenge, each contestant competes against someone from the opposing tribe, sliding down a Slip 'N Slide and into a bunch of numbered balls hanging over the course. Each number has one red ball and one blue ball (hee hee), and Probst will "randomly assign" the numbers to the pairs before each round. They must slide to their balls, grab the one with their tribe's color, and then make their way towards a Survivor version of those carnival basketball games. First person to make it in gets the point, and the first tribe to get four points wins. We know what the Heroes picked for their rewards, but what did the Villains go for? Probst says they "went a different route," than the Heroes, which got my hopes up that they chose the most frivolous and stupid items in the catalog. But no, they went for the Stanley tools and yet another tarp, which comes with twine and what is described as a "multifunction tool" because Leatherman didn't pay the big bucks for product placement. I hope the Villains win this one, if only because the tools they'll win will replace the machete that Li'l Russell buried in the hopes of causing chaos, and his efforts will once again end in failure. With that, the Villains sit Parvati out, the contestants oil themselves up so they'll look hot when the editors use clips from this challenge in the opening credits and also supposedly to make it easier for them to slide on the course, and we begin.

Round 1: Douche vs. Tom. They slide, with Douche trying to shove Tom out of the way at the same time. Even so, Tom gets his ball first, though it does him no good as he misses the first shot at the hoop. He also misses his second attempt, while Douche makes it, albeit with a potty shot, which is how little girls shoot baskets. But still -- Douche beat Tom! Tom is pissed, throwing his ball on the ground and going home.

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