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Community Idol

Round 7: Tyson vs. Colby. Which means J.T. and Rob will apparently not be participating in this challenge. Why have a challenge that can only have seven rounds maximum when there are eight players on each side? They're going for a ball that is once again closer to the Heroes' side, and Colby gets to it first, splashing at Tyson on his way down. Colby makes it to the hoop first and takes a shot, while Probst calls him by his last name in his play-by-play, because they are bros. Colby misses, leaving the door open for Tyson, who also misses. They both miss their second shots as well. It's a nail-biter! Colby's third shot misses, as James mutters "come on, Colby!" but doesn't scream at him because Colby is not an easily-bullied female. Tyson's third shot makes it in, and the Villains win. They take their Product Placements and go.

After the break, the Villains return to camp and Douche's spirits are much improved. He interviews that "the Dragonslayer is feeling top notch." "Will I change? No. Will I be the Dragonslayer and slay everybody? Yes. Will I wear my heart on my sleeve every day? Absolutely, unequivocally, yes." Does Douche refer to himself as "the Dragonslayer?" Yes. Is one allowed to continue to call himself that after crying like a baby on national television? No. Meanwhile, Rob and Li'l Russell look through their new toolbox, with the editors being sure to caption Rob's comment about how they "lost" their machete just so Li'l Russell's fans can think he did something important. Li'l Russell checks out a large knife, only for a small scroll to fall out of its holster for all to see, which I'm sure the producers weren't intending on happening when they no doubt told Li'l Russell to be sure to pay special attention to the knife. Rob picks the scroll up and unrolls it as Sandra wonders "what the hell is that?" You have to love how Sandra is so hostile about even the most seemingly harmless and passive of things, like a piece of paper. Throw her a surprise party? "What the fuck are you doing in my fucking house with a fucking cake?" Note that a wildflower smells nice? "I'm not smelling no fucking flower!" Hidden Immunity Idol clue appears at camp? "What the hell is that?" Because yes, that's exactly what it is. Li'l Russell must admit in an interview that he had a lapse in concentration to allow the rest of his tribe to see the clue, and now he won't have it all to himself. "I just blew it," he sighs. The clue tells them to look for a "crazy palm which juts out over the sea," then dig around the roots of a "double tree" next to it. Does that mean an actual tree, or just the nearby Marriott that houses the crew? Either way, the clue basically tells you where to find the idol, since I guess if you aren't going to hide the idol in an obvious place for Li'l Russell to find, you might as well just spell it out for him. Rob interviews that he didn't know the scroll would have a clue to the immunity idol, since they didn't have those in his previous two seasons on the show. "Who knew?" he asks. Well, someone who actually watches this show, for one.

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