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Community Idol

Day 10 dawns at Camp Heroes. Tom and J.T. prepare their reward coffee, only to find a scroll hidden in the coffee jar. It's their clue to the immunity idol, of course, and J.T. reads it aloud for everyone. Like the Villains' clue, it tells them to dig around the roots of some trees by the beach. Tom interviews that he and Colby need to find the idol or else they're gone. With that, the hunt is on. As Cirie and Candice look on and provide some humorous running commentary, J.T. skulks around the beach while James pretends he's just taking a casual stroll. On the beach. Near some trees. While looking over his shoulder. Tom and Amanda run after him, while Cirie sticks by J.T., who mutters that he should have kept that scroll a secret from the rest of the tribe. Not like he really could have, since it was Tom who actually found it in the first place and announced its presence loud enough for everyone nearby to overhear. Tom is the first to find the three trees described in the clue, but he's quickly followed by Amanda and then James, who start digging next to him. It doesn't matter, as Tom spots a patch of loose sand and is quickly able to unearth and hide the idol in his sock with James and Amanda seemingly none the wiser. It seems like quite the accomplishment until you remember that James and Amanda aren't very wise to begin with.

Ah, but then Amanda shows a hint of awareness when she interviews that Tom was acting "a little funny" and she saw him put something in his sock. She knows he has it, and runs to tell Candice, James, and J.T. that they can stop looking because Tom already found it. J.T. tells Cirie and Rupert. Just so that everyone will know, Tom tells Colby, adding that he knows Amanda saw him get it but he still hopes the fact that he has the idol can help him and Colby get an in with the majority alliance. Even though, at this point, I'm pretty sure the majority alliance is everyone but Colby and Tom, so they're probably not going to let them into their club because then they won't have anyone left to vote for. Colby interviews that the idol could be his and Tom's path back into the game.

And then, it's time for the immunity challenge! Hey, do you guys remember the challenge that killed the other, better Russell last season? Well, it's back! And why not? All of the challenge props were still in Samoa from last month and they never really got a chance to finish this challenge the first time around, so it's both unknown territory and a time/money saver. Although they did have to re-paint the atlaspheres and the maze to reflect this season's tribe colors. Probst explains the challenge and its unique history as the only Survivor challenge that has never been completed. The Villains choose to sit out Courtney and Sandra, while the Heroes sit out Cirie. Inside the atlaspheres are Tom and Rob, with Rupert and James and Douche and Tyson pushing them. The Heroes get an early lead, only to wander off into the bushes, no doubt due to Rupert's trouble rolling the globe with his broken toe. The Villains easily roll past them and reach the maze first, where Douche and Tyson are allowed to remove their blindfolds and move Rob into position to direct the maze. I don't think the globe-pushers were allowed to remove their blindfolds last season, so that's new. The Villains seem to have made good progress by the time Tom arrives and starts directing the Heroes' maze. Tragically, it is at this point that J.T. keels over and dies, thus ending the challenge prematurely for a second time. Just kidding! Everyone remembered to drink water this season so they are able to stay upright and conscious. Rob keeps his lead, though Tom is not far behind, as both teams have the ball near the end point. The Villains ultimately win, though by a very slim margin. Parvati runs to give Rob a high-five, but he reminds her that his hands are tied to the globe, so that won't be possible. Probst hands the Villains the idol and sends the Heroes away in shame. As they leave, Cirie interviews that either Tom or Colby are leaving tonight, since they're "on the outs" and it's best for her game if the strong guys leave.

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