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Community Idol

Suddenly, it's Day 11 at camp when the Heroes return. I guess it took them all night to get back to camp. Tom apologizes to his tribe for their loss, but Rupert tells him he had "the hardest damn job of them all." Absolutely, since it's not like Rupert was going to step up for something like that. Tom interviews that his immunity idol won't help him much since everyone knows he has it and will most likely vote accordingly, so he'll have to do this the old-fashioned way and look for cracks in the alliance.

As a symbolic spider makes it way across a log, Cirie and Candice chat in the woods. Candice says tonight should be very simple: three of their alliance vote for Colby and three vote for Tom. Then it won't matter who plays the idol -- the other will still get the majority vote and be voted out. Meanwhile, that whole thing last week about J.T. spreading rumors that Candice doesn't trust Cirie seems to be forgotten about. J.T., however, has not forgotten about how he wants Candice gone ASAP, and tells Amanda. "What about the idol, though? He has a lot of power," Amanda whines. Apparently, she wasn't paying attention in her original season when the guy with two idols was voted out. Or in her second season when Ozzy was voted out while holding an idol. "It just scares me because Tom is smart," Amanda says. If being smarter than Amanda is a reason to vote someone out, then pretty much everyone except for James and Rupert is on the chopping block. J.T. interviews that he'd rather have an alliance with Tom and Colby since they have the idol and he thinks they're both trustworthy straight-shooters, which shows how little he really knows Tom. Isn't he the guy who won his season despite being in a minority alliance simply because people trusted him when they shouldn't have? And yet, he's doing the same thing with Tom. I hope it backfires on him horribly.

Tom walks up to Amanda and J.T. while picking at his belly button, which he seems to enjoy doing. I don't enjoy seeing it, so I wish he'd stop. Tom starts in with his pitch, saying that he and Colby are better alliancemates for J.T., Amanda, and James than Cirie and Candice. Maybe for J.T., since Tom is the only other person who has won this game in their tribe, but surely not for James and especially Amanda, who would then be the only woman in the alliance and thus seen as the weakest and easiest boot with virtually no chance against the men if it came down to individual immunity. Also, why isn't anyone discussing the uselessness and general unpleasantness that is Rupert? Get rid of him! COME ON, people! Tom continues that he knows they're all concerned about his immunity idol and he wishes the "stain" of it wasn't on him. Uh huh. More like he wishes he'd been able to get the idol without anyone seeing him. J.T. asks for Tom's word that he won't play the idol against his own alliance if they let him on, which Tom readily agrees to, saying they can play it "as a committee." He even offers to give it to one of them if it'll help them trust him. Sucker Amanda interviews that this makes her think that Tom might be a good person to have in their alliance after all, despite the fact that she knows he targeted her early on. James walks up and asks what's going on. They say they don't trust Candice, who they see as conniving and, according to Amanda, "scatter-brained," which I don't think means what Amanda thinks it means. James repeats his "I just want to win, y'all" refrain and suddenly Amanda is agreeing to align with and trust Tom, who then gives her a big hug. Tom interviews that he appears to have been successful at forming a new majority alliance, although he's not too stupid or naïve to put all of his trust into his new alliancemates. "We'll see," he says.

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