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A fully suited Tyler enters the Grayson Manor pool house to talk to Daniel. He drops some insidiously heavy news on Daniel about Conrad moving his home office to the Southfork Inn. Emanda enters at the tail end of the conversation. Tyler is cordial, having been... uh... placated by Nolan. Tyler leaves pleasantly enough. Now alone, the couple gets a little lovey-dovey before Daniel reveals he's planning on quitting his bartending gig at the Stowaway in favor of helping out his dad. Emanda thinks it's a good idea. Suddenly, Ashley is in the room. Emanda and Dan laugh at her because she's apparently in the middle of a walk of shame after spending the night with Tyler. Ew. Ash hopes to sneak out without being spotted by Victoria. Sucks for her because in the house proper, Victoria enters and calls out immediately to Ashley for help, Lydia trailing her in a wheelchair. Ashley will need to make accommodations for Lydia because she will be staying with the Graysons during her recovery. Charlotte sneaks into the scene and tries to hurry by, quickly saying her hellos to everyone. Victoria turns to Ashley and says, "It seems like you're not the only one flaunting last night's dress." Me-ow. Lydia stares at Emanda, scrunching her face because she can't place her. She apologizes for not remembering her at all, but Emanda's all smiles.

Eerily familiar 3-D title card and commercials

In a guest bedroom at Grayson Manor, Lydia lies in bed with Victoria attending and scheduling appointments for her. Conrad walks by prompting Victoria to fly after him and remind him he's been kicked out. Conrad thinks things changed the instant Victoria decided to house Lydia, and implies he suspects this could be some sort of power play against him. He defiantly walks off and remains in the house.

Poor Porter Bar. Behind the counter, Jack and Declan are tending bar when Dec asks off-handedly if he can borrow "The Amanda" tonight. That damn boat. Jack reminds him for the umpteen millionth time that he no longer owns it. And for the umpteen billionth time this is something related to Declan wanting to set up something romantic for Charlotte. The difference here is Dec is shamelessly admitting he wants to "seal the deal" with her. Daniel walks in and catches Jack advising Dec to use protection. The brothers play it off as their discussion not being about Dan's sister's vagingo and Declan walks off. Dan wastes no time leveling with Jack about this whole bartending thing just not working out, and Jack wastes no time being smug about Daniel's failings along with the differences they've had. Dan offers to work his shift tonight, but Jack says that won't be necessary. Both men shake on it and are all too happy to part ways.

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