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It's a sunny afternoon outside of Nolan's Fortress of Solitude. He sits poolside at a table with Amily with a nice spread for lunch and starts prying for info. When he asks how she knows Emanda, Amily gets up from the table and starts slowly shedding clothes on her way to the swimming pool. Nolan stops her to offer a house bikini. Amily, common exotic dancer she is, giggles at the idea of a house bikini and heads off to the pool house to change. As soon as she's out of earshot, Nolan quickly dials Emanda to complain about his unwelcome houseguest. He wants to know more about what's going on, but Emanda insists she won't talk about Amily, and instead needs Nolan's help with a more pressing matter. Shockingly, Emanda is Photoshop-challenged. She needs Nolan to alter the old photo of Emanda spying on Victoria and Lydia in case the latter regains her memory. Nolan agrees and receives the photo in a message to his phone after they hang up. Amily comes back in a perfectly fitting red bikini and teases Nolan about the house bikini not getting much use. It still has the tags. She rips them off and tosses them at her pile of clothes, causing Nolan's eyes to follow and land on a very noticeable trace of blood. His eyes go wide. Nolan excuses himself, saying he has to go run errands for Emanda.

Conrad walks through Grayson Manor with Tyler sycophantically close behind like a personal assistant. Tyler boasts that he hopes to become indispensible to Conrad, to which Conrad concedes he is well on his way. Daniel appears in the doorway to Conrad's office, which surprises Tyler because Dan was supposed to be bartending, and asks if he can have a private word with his father. Naturally, Tyler hangs around just outside the door and eavesdrops as Daniel humbly asks his dad if he's welcome to come back to the family business. What self-important father would say no? Tyler's face hardens at the realization he has just been casually replaced. He flies into the room because the phone happens to ring at this moment. He answers for Conrad and is unable to screen the call because it's the police. Oh shit! Conrad worriedly takes the call.

We have an overhead view of Amily's graceful stripper body swimming underwater in Nolan's pool. We cut to Jack enjoying the view of the supple young woman. Even knowing Jack is a good guy, it's kind of creepy, what with the wispy goatee and all. Amily pulls herself out of the pool and walks straight up to Jack, getting flirtatiously close because he happens to be standing right on top of her towel. Jack's there because he's looking for Nolan so he can ask to borrow the boat on Declan's behalf. She explains Nolan's gone and tosses Jack a bottle of sunscreen, asking him to make himself useful. Hussy.

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