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Emanda is getting home late at night and talks to Nolan on the phone, who is strolling around his house, coolly holding his phone out in front of his face with Emanda on speakerphone. They're both pretty relieved to have Amily gone. Nolan has taken care of Frank's phone and left it hidden on Emanda's porch along with Frank's wallet. She checks for it and notices through the window Daniel standing in her kitchen with two detectives. She tells Nolan she has to go. She enters the house and is told by Daniel that he had come by to see her and found the detectives waiting outside, so he let them in. They want to ask Emanda some questions about Frank's murder. Questions about murders from police always spell doom and take us straight to...


The detectives answer preliminary questions from Emanda about what happened to Frank and why they're there. Though Frank was murdered hundreds of miles away, his car was abandoned a half-mile down the road from Emanda (stupid Amily). The detectives reveal that Emanda is a person of interest because Victoria had Frank investigating her and they're aware that his last words were about Emanda. Daniel is frustrated to hear his mother was meddling, but Emanda speaks up that it was deserved. She admits in front of everyone that she was incarcerated when she was young. She explains her current charitable nature is atonement for her violent self-defense in the past. She is sure to drop the fact that the only time she ever met Frank face-to face was shortly after he was fired by Conrad (motive) when he threatened to expose her legal past to the Graysons. One of the detectives subtly implies that could be motive against Emanda and stares her down, but Emanda produces an alibi that's even better than Daniel's assertion that they were in bed together the night of Frank's death. Emanda claims she slipped out of bed very early in the morning to go to the fish market. She invites the detectives to check her fridge where they find a filet of fish with the receipt time-stamped during the timeframe in question. That's good enough for the detectives. They leave. Emanda apologizes to Daniel and they embrace, their brush with the law seemingly over.

Daniel storms home and finds his mother alone in the kitchen. He yells at her for leading the police to Emanda and demands to know why Frank was investigating her. When Victoria explains it out loud it sounds so much more paranoid and ridiculous. This girl came out of nowhere and showed an interest in her son, so she had a man follow her. Perfect parenting. It sounds even worse when Daniel explains away the nebulous parts of Emanda's past which paints her as a helpless victim. Dan's fed up with his mother's paranoia. He personally attacks her. What happened that caused her to feel so threatened all the time, or was she always just full of hate? Daniel orders his mother to stay away from Emanda and begins to walk out. He stops to add, "I was the last person in this house to defend you, mom. And now you've lost me, too." Victoria is oddly stoic through all of this.

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