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Nolan shows up at the Stowaway. He takes notice of the new socialite clientele as he timidly walks up to the bar counter to talk to Jack because he heard Jack had come by looking for him. Jack explains he was trying to borrow the boat for Declan. Nolan awkwardly opines the boat never really was his and hands over the pink slip of ownership. He adds that Jack doesn't have to pretend to be his friend anymore and starts to walk away (aww), but Jack stops him to apologize for throwing him out of the bar and generally being an asshole. They agree to be cool with each other, and Nolan sits down at the bar. Jack pours him a Black Dahlia which segues into Jack asking if Amily is still around. Nolan perks up and emphatically declares she's gone forever. Jack thinks that's too bad because he thought there was something about her. No you didn't. Shut up, Jack.

Emanda sits in the dark at home alone with Frank's phone and deletes the mug shot of Amily from it. (Wasn't Nolan supposed to delete everything from the phone?) She hides the phone under a couch cushion when Daniel suddenly appears at her door carrying some luggage. He asks if it's okay for him to stay a while, which, of course, is perfectly fine. Emanda apologizes for coming between him and his family. Dan thinks she actually might've saved him from it. They hug it out as Amily stalks them from just outside the window.


Conrad bangs on the door of Grayson Manor because Victoria has changed the locks on him. He thinks they should be projecting a united front in the face of this investigation, but they are anything but united. The locks have been changed because Victoria has every reason to believe Conrad might be Frank's murderer. The noise from this argument startles Lydia awake, who's in the adjacent room, and she overhears Conrad's mention of Frank attempting to kill her for Victoria. Conrad gets the door slammed in his face and Victoria realizes she better check to make sure Lydia didn't hear any of the incriminating stuff. She creeps into the guest bedroom to find a sleeping Lydia, but Lydia's eyes shoot open when Victoria exits the room. That's one way to have your amnesia cured.

It's still late at night, and Emanda wanders to the dock outside her house by herself. She holds the hard copy of the mug shot of Amily in her hand. FLASHBACK: Young adult Amanda shows up at Emily's release from juvie. Emily is ecstatic to see her since she's lived a life of broken promises, and didn't expect Amanda to be there for her. Amanda takes Emily aside to explain it's been a rough transition for her on the outside because she's not really as tough as she pretended to be when she was incarcerated. She hands Emily half a million dollars, and looks her in the eyes. "I have a favor to ask you." /FLASHBACK. Widowspeak's "Limbs" begins to play as Emanda sets fire to the mug shot... then inexplicably drops it into the ocean before it's done burning. Emanda voice-over: "The past is a tricky thing." At Grayson Manor, Victoria shreds Lydia's Open Arms speech while Tyler spies menacingly through the blinds. VO continued: "Sometimes it's etched in stone. And other times it's rendered in soft memories." Tyler pieces together the shredded speech and reads it to himself. Cut to a point-of-view shot sneaking outside through some bushes. Emanda has on skulking attire and activates the GPS on Frank's phone before placing it outside Grayson Manor. Later, she slips into bed with an already asleep Daniel. "But if you meddle too long in deep dark things, who knows what monsters you'll awaken." Daniel's eyes shoot open and stare daggers at the back of Emanda's head.

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