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"Think Not Disdainfully Of Dex, But Look On Him With Favor."

Cuban music blares in the soundtrack, and we see the same amputee hooker from last episode walking down the street. She approaches a man who has his back to the camera, and says, "No way. You're the one I'm supposed to meet?" "In the flesh," says Rudy's voice. Smiling, she says, "I was just talking to someone about you." Rudy touches her back, and escorts her down the street.

A bit later, she's lying on a bed, still smiling. "That tickles! Don't stop." "I wouldn't dream of stopping," says Rudy. We can't see what he's doing yet. "You were so different this time. Gentle. I thought you were going to get all pervy with my stump again." "Actually, your imperfection is what saved you the first time." "Saved me from what?" "True artistry," he says, and we can see that he's drawing perforated lines all over her body, clearly delineating where he's going to cut. He says that the "message" of his "work" isn't really in the product itself, but more in the presentation. "That wrinkled flesh on your radial carpal joint is far from perfect. It's quite unsightly, actually." She calls him an asshole and gets up, but he soothes her. "Shh, no. I'm actually quite thankful for you. You're my escape plan." "Escape from what?" "The police. Because of you, I've had to speed up my project. I need something to distract them, and I've found that a freshly chopped up body always does the trick." Quickly, he has his arm around her neck in a sleeper hold, and she tries to struggle but he tells her it's pointless, because he's compressing her carotid artery, cutting off blood flow to her brain. "In ten seconds, you'll be unconscious." I have a feeling he's about to soothe himself in a most unsavory way. Oh, that wacky Rudy! Once she's out cold, Rudy picks her up and carries her to his freezer room as the phone rings. His machine picks up, and who leaves a message? It's...

Deb, at the hospital. "Okay, I guess you went to bed. Or, you fell asleep on the couch watching Xena reruns, which I still think makes you a dork." She says she misses him, hangs up, and walks past Dexter, who's sitting and also talking on the phone. "He's still in surgery, but I don't know when we'll hear anything." "So, I guess you won't be coming over tonight," says Rita, upset. She says she understands, and then mentions that she hasn't told the kids about FIP. Dexter doesn't seem to really care at all, and Rita senses this, so she lets him go. Dexter thanks her, because Angel is being wheeled out just at that moment. All the cops in the waiting room stand up as LaGuerta comes in after parting with Nina. "Angel sustained severe internal injuries. He lost a lot of blood, but the surgery was successful. It looks like our boy's out of the woods." Well, that's good news! Everyone heaves a collective sigh of relief, included Dexter. Deb 'n' Doakes hug it out, along with everyone else, and Dexter VOs, "I know I should stay, be part of the group hug, but I can't focus. I'm trapped in the clutches of the memory. I need to know what it means." He stands up and walks out, which Doakes notices, so he follows him out. "Morgan," he says. "What the fuck is wrong with you?" "I have someplace I have to be," Dex answers lamely. Doakes gets up in his face. "Yeah, well, we all have someplace to be. But you just found out that somebody who's supposed to be your friend is going to live. Does that make you feel anything? Anything at all?" Doakes has pressed Dex's shoulder against the wall, and Dexter is glaring at him coldly. "Take your fucking hand off me." Doakes does exactly that and says, "Just what I always thought." "Right," Dexter exasps and leaves as Doakes looks on. Okay, now this is exactly what you expect from Doakes. He's obviously a good cop, and he's got enough intuition to be a little sketchy about Dexter, because he is a killer, after all. But he's also an alpha male, so he's assertive and boorish sometimes. But this isn't about him, it's about Deb. Why does she expect so much from Dexter when she never comes to his defense when Doakes is giving him shit? Or anyone else, for that matter? She's such a hypocrite. I'm sorry, I know she doesn't really have anything to do with this scene, but she should if she really wants Dexter to be as strong a presence in her life.

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