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"Think Not Disdainfully Of Dex, But Look On Him With Favor."

Rita's getting the kids ready for school, and Astor asks about whether FIP is coming for Christmas. "I miss him," she says. "I'm afraid your dad's not going to make it this year for the holidays," says Rita. Astor looks disappointed, and Cody asks, "Where is he?" "Well, he's --" "He's back in jail, isn't he?" asks Astor. Rita tries to explain that he probably wanted to say goodbye, but there wasn't time. "I forgot my math book," says Astor listlessly, and goes back to her room. "It's all your fault," says Cody. Hey! None of that, little man. You don't know shit about shit, yet, pal. Go easy on your mother. She's having a hard enough time as it is. Rita looks very sad.

"You could at least pretend you want to be here," Deb says to Dexter. They're eating lunch outside at a restaurant on the water. It looks nice. "You're the one who had an urgent need for tacos," says Dex. Deb wants to talk about Rudy, and I'm sure this is going to turn into another unbearable fucking me-fest. Ugh. She says he's been acting weird lately, and that "last night he said we need to talk." "Well, that's never good," says Dex. "Well, thanks. I feel a lot better. I've only been obsessing about this all day." Oh, my God! You suck! To top it off (and if this doesn't point to her blind narcissism, I don't know what does), she says, "Think you could talk to him for me?" and motions with her head to behind Dexter, where Rudy appears. "Oh, look, it's Rudy," says Dex, nonplussed. "I sort of called him." Yeah, no shit. Rudy comes and sits down just as Deb gets a "call" from "work," even though her phone doesn't make a sound. She kisses Rudy, stands up, gives Dexter the "call me" face, and takes off. What a little asshole! What is this, middle school? Gah! After she's gone, Dexter comments on Rudy's lip, which is still split where Angel head-butted his face. Rudy says it happened "this morning" in his workshop. "Doesn't look like it happened this morning. It's already starting to close up!" says Dexter. "Did I say this morning? I meant yesterday. I think I'm working too hard. Anyway, I'm pretty sure my lip isn't why Deb arranged this little chit-chat." Dexter says that Deb thinks there may be "trouble in paradise." Rudy starts talking about the big picture, and says that Deb is someone he can picture spending the rest of his life with, "you know?" "Mmm, no, I don't know," says Dex. "But I do know that Deb's fallin' for you. Hard. You hurt her --" "...And you'll hurt me." "Something like that." They both chuckle a little, and tuck into their burritos.

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